Why Do Men Prefer Less Attractive Women?


Many women who are talented and attractive often ask themselves the question as to why do men prefer less attractive women over a strikingly beautiful and attractive women.

And the truth is that it is not uncommon to see a tall and handsome man enter a party with a much less attractive woman in his arms.

This can be quite discouraging for some beautiful women because they start wondering if looks does matter or not for some men.

why do men prefer less attractive women

Actually speaking looks does matter to men. However there may be other womanly aspects that men are more particular about in comparison to looks.

In this post we will explain some of the reasons as to why do men prefer less attractive women and what you can do to make a man want you and perhaps fall in love regardless of your looks.

Looks Are Not Everything

If everything is equal and a man is told to pick between two women then he is surely going to pick a good looking “10” over the one who is “8”. In fact he may get instantly attracted to the one who is 10 just based on the looks.

However if a man is told to pick between a woman who is confident with great personality and another woman who is an insecure needy “10” then he is surely going to pick the confident woman.

Sometimes a woman may get stuck up or may want something that is really expensive just because she is gorgeous and good looking. This kind of attitude can turn men off.

Men do look for perfection but perfection is not just physical appearance. Men prefer women who are confident and love themselves rather than a high maintenance super model.

The hottie with large eyes, big breasts, small nose and full cheeks is something that men prefer to spend just the drunken Friday night and not long term relationship.

Several relationship experts have said that as men grow older they tend to pay less attention to physical attraction and they pick a less attractive woman who makes them feel comfortable and appreciated.

Fear Of Cheating

Men don’t have to worry about the woman cheating on them when they are in a relationship with a less attractive woman. This is because the chances of other guys attracting her are far less in comparison to a hottie.

Men also fear that if an attractive woman cheats them then they may end up raising some other mans kids. This is something that men don’t like to do.

cheating woman

Men want someone who can take care of things around the house and not someone who is looking for attention every now and then.

She May Be Intimidating To A Man

A man may feel that he is not good enough or attractive enough to be in a relationship with a super attractive woman.

A super hot woman may get a lot of attention from other guys and she may expect the same from any guy. If a man feels intimidated by this, he may never want to have a serious relationship with a super attractive female.

In a long term relationship or marriage one is bound to stumble with many problems. Men prefer to have a woman who can work with them to fix the problem and not the princesses who is always looking for favors.

High Maintenance And Too Much Trouble

If a female is very attractive then she may want to visit the most expensive saloon for styling her hair and may want to wear the most expensive clothes and jewelry.

Sometimes the demands from a high maintenance woman may be unreasonable and men can easily get turned off.

Having a long term relationship with high maintenance woman is not something that most men would like to have.

natural looks

Men Prefer Natural Looks

A gorgeous looking female is likely to wear fancy dresses and have all kinds of makeup. Too much of makeup may give a woman an artificial look. Women who are dirty with an untidy appearance are not preferred by most men.

Men prefer fresh face with natural looks and a little bit of makeup. This is one more factor that answers the question about why do men prefer less attractive women.

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