Why Do Men Lose Interest In a Woman – 7 Key Reasons


It can be very frustrating and demeaning for a woman when she finds that a man who was chasing her with all the vigor starts to backtrack after the first few dates, just when things appeared to be working. The question is why do men lose interest in a woman, all of sudden, after chasing her?

Actually there are many reasons for this type of behavior and we are not going to discuss all the reasons. However I’m going to discuss some of the main reasons why do men lose interest in a woman after the initial chase.

#1 Hunter Instinct – One of the main reasons a man chases a woman is the hunter instinct to chase a woman who appears difficult to get. However, when he is able to get her attention and she responds back by showing interest, he starts to pull back.

He starts to lose interest because he was not chasing for developing a relationship but just to satisfy his ego. He may have started the chase just to experience the fun, thrill and excitement involved in the process.

why do men lose interest in a woman

#2 Fear of Commitment – Some men lose interest after having few fun filled dates due to fear of intimacy expected of them and the need to make commitment. This is especially true in men who suffer from commitment phobia.

Being single and free offers them lots of options in life without commitment. When the women they were chasing starts to warm up they get horrified at the thought of giving up their freedom.

#3 You Hurt His Feelings – Sometimes you will see him loosing interest after you do a mistake that upset him. We all commit mistakes because we are human beings. However if you commit a mistake that hurts someone’s feelings then it is best to realize the mistake and apologize for the same.

By apologizing to him you will show him that you do care for his feelings.

Recognizing a mistake and owning it is sign of maturity also. You will be able to take the relationship forward without any roadblocks if you are smart enough to realize a mistake and take corrective action fast.

#4 There is Someone Else – Sometimes a man may already be in a relationship with someone else but may not have the guts to tell you. You may think as to why is he losing interest. The best way to deal with such men is to be a cool friend. Don’t try to put any pressure on him to get into a relationship with you.

#5 No Chemistry – Sometimes there may be no chemistry between the two of you, but he may be trying hard to make things click. He may be trying to make things work because you are awesome.

After a good attempt he may fade away or cut off totally when he realizes that things are not going to click. And you may be left wondering why men lose interest and pull away after making a serious attempt.

Best way to handle such situations is to realize and accept that there is no chemistry and move on. You should start to find a guy with whom things click and you are able to have a long term relationship.

#6 Moving Too Fast – If you try to do things very fast then you may appear to be too available and this can backfire. Having sex after just a couple of dates or pushing for marriage too quickly are all signs of being too available.

The moment he realizes that you don’t have a life outside of him he is going to run away from you.

Move slowly with a steady pace. Keep him guessing so that he is obsessed with you and wants to be with you forever.

no chemistry

#7 Needy Behavior – Another reason that needs to discussed regarding why do men lose interest after some time is the needy behavior. If you start to depend on him for every small thing then he is going to get irritated.

Texting him for all your trivial problems and pulling him out of a client meeting for solving your problems is only going to put him off. Try and be independent at least for small things that you can do on your own.

Bottom line – Why Do Men Lose Interest In A Woman

Understanding men is not always easy and you may find it really difficult at times. This does not mean that you cannot attract and keep any man with you.

Sometimes you may find a guy who appears to be good to start with and then for some reason he fades away.

It is also possible that things don’t work out well the first time with a man and then after some time you start dating him again and things work out great the second time.

Some of your attempts to get into a relationship with men may fail miserably.

And then suddenly you will find the golden man with whom everything works great.

Not all relationships with men are going to work perfectly all the time and you need to keep this in mind.

make him commit

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