Why Do Men Lie – 7 Most Common Reasons


When it comes to relationships, trust is a huge factor for women. If a woman fully and completely trusts her man then she may not have any relationship issues with him.

This is why honesty figures at the top of the list of attributes that women consider when they are asked about the features they look for in a guy.

But, truth be told, men do lie. For that matter, even women do lie. However men lie more often and for many varied reasons, when compared with women.

If only more women understood the real reasons as to why do men lie, they can avoid feeling bad and hurt. They may even be able to spot the lie much earlier.

No excuse can actually justify cheating and lying by a man, however knowing why men lie can help you to heal your pain. Not only can you heal pain better, knowing the reasons can help you to confront men better.

why do men lie

Let us take a look at some of the most common reasons why men lie to women:

To Avoid Criticism or Argument

If your man thinks that speaking the truth has lead to more criticism and arguments in the past then he may avoid telling you the truth in order to prevent such criticism or argument in the future.

This is more likely to happen with men who are not open to constructive criticism and new ideas.

For example if he knew that you don’t like him to go out with friends and have drinks all night then he may prefer to tell you that he was busy with some work that needed to be completed the same night. So instead of telling you the real reason he may lie.

Because He Is Cheating

When a man cheats, he is actually breaking the promise of being faithful to his partner. And when this happens, he will tell you a lie in order to hide it.

However, sometimes a man may be cheating because of certain problems with the relationship with you. For example, if he finds that you are just not interested in sex anymore then he may look elsewhere.

If you come to know that your man is lying because he has cheated on you then you need to act in a mature way.

You should actually talk to your man and find out how the problem can be fixed.

Also make sure that he promises to never repeat the mistake of cheating in the future if the problem is fixed and you decide to forgive him for cheating.

To Keep You Feeling Good

Another answer for the question “why do men lie” is to keep you feeling good. Sometime a man may be going through some real tough time and he may not tell you the real facts because he does not want you to feel depressed and down.

He may not want you to feel the same pain that he is going through and therefore he will avoid telling you the truth.

Generally it is believed that men are poor at facing emotions and therefore instead of speaking the truth they will lie so that they don’t have to face hard emotions.

emotional woman

Because He Is Insecure

Sometimes men lie to women because they fear that if they tell the truth then you may not be interested in them. This is common with men who are dating a woman.

Some of the lies that you may encounter are – putting an online picture where they are lean and fit, or using an old picture online so that they appear younger.

Some men may not reveal information about their job because of fear of rejection from the girl.

All human beings feel insecure however lying about yourself may not be the best way to build a relationship.

If he is lying about trivial things at the start of a relationship then he may lie about more important things in the future.

To Please You

Of all the reasons about why do men lie, this one is a strange one. A man may praise a woman just to make her feel good and special.

For example he may tell you that your dress looks great even if you are dressed in casual clothes that you normally wear at home.

Or perhaps he may praise you for the food you cooked for him, even if it did not taste great.

All human beings like to be praised and women are no different.

By praising you and keeping you in good humor he may be able to get some of his things accomplished with ease.

But the reality is that by not giving you his honest opinion and feedback he is preventing you from improving.

He Feels That You Are Not Yet Ready

A man may hide some of his deep and dark secrets if he feels that you may actually use the secrets against him.

If he revealed some important information in the past that you used against him, then he will be careful not to reveal more secrets until he is confident that you are ready to take it without using it against him.

You Hurt His Feelings

Emotions and feelings are important reasons as to why do men lie.

If a man got hurt because you said something that he did not like then there is a chance that he will try to hide his emotions.

He may not discuss it with you until his pain heals. Men are poor at handling emotional pain compared to women.

You may actually make out that something is wrong with him and try to talk to him, but he may refuse to do so and hide his emotions.

hurt feelings


Men try to hide the truth for self-preservation purposes most of the times.

They my speak both, the small and big lies in order to avoid arguments, confrontations and fights.

Sometimes men may not speak the truth so that they don’t hurt your feelings.

Because men find it hard to face emotions you will see that they don’t open up easily.

However, by building trust with him you will be able to get some of his deep and dark secrets that he keeps close to his cheat.

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