What To Do When He Stops Calling And Texting


Has this happened to you? You meet a guy at a party and immediately you strike a chord with him. Then he asks you out for dinner and you have a wonderful first date with him.

A few months pass by and you start thinking about taking things to a more serious level and then all of a sudden he stops calling and texting you.

You wait for many days in anticipation of a call, but he never calls you or texts you.

With no communication what so ever, you start thinking about the next steps – what to do when he stops calling and texting.

I know it’s a real heartbreaking thing for a woman to go through this situation.

The first thing that you need to do is find out if he is dating someone else.

Now it is possible for you to find that out because of advancement in technology.

You can use an online service to get a background check done and find out if he’s dating someone else.

You can also look at his social media profile and see if there are anonymous text messages for him.

Once you know that he’s not dating someone else then you should find out what not to do and what to do when he stops calling and texting, in order to revive the relationship.

Given below are some tips that you can follow.

So many women fail to understand that repeatedly calling and texting him is not going to solve the problem.

repeatedly calling and texting him

Don’t Call Him And Text Him

I know that you are keen to find out the reason for no calls. However, this is not good for the relationship.

We all know that men like to chase things that are difficult to obtain. By chasing him with phone calls you will only prevent him from chasing you.

It is possible that your guy stopped calling you just to find out how attracted you are towards him.

If you stay calm and cool you may make him think about you and if he is still interested in the relationship then he may soon call you.

Don’t Stalk his social profile

In this situation you may get tempted to repeatedly log into Facebook or twitter and find out if there are any updates that he has posted.

You may even get a clue if he is in touch with some other women, but this does not do anything for you.

You are only going to get angry, bitter and have hurt feelings by looking at his social media profile repeatedly. Therefore it is best to avoid the temptation and move on.

Don’t Ask His family And Friends

You may have met few of his family members or friends when you were together.

However, contacting his family members or friends to find out about his whereabouts or why he’s not called may not be the right thing to do.

By asking them you are only exposing yourself and appearing desperate.

Chances are that his friends or family members are going to tell him about your conversation.

And when he comes to know that you appeared needy and desperate, he is only going to distance himself from you.

Don’t Wait For His Call

There is no point in sitting near the phone and waiting for his call endlessly.

Instead of waiting near the phone, it would be far better to be with your friends and have fun.

By sitting near the phone the only thing you may achieve is to pick up the phone before the first ring is complete.

By picking the call before the first ring, you are going to send him a signal that you’ve been desperately waiting for his call. Showing signs of desperation is not good at all.

If he calls you when you are away with your friends then he may leave a voice message for you.

This will clearly send a signal to him that you are doing other things and not desperately waiting for his call.

Any guy is going to appreciate a woman who is independent and fun loving.

wating for his call endlessly

Don’t Blame Yourself

You don’t want to blame yourself for his inaction. You don’t really know what happened.

Even if there was a mistake from your side there is no point in assuming that your boyfriend stopped calling and texting because of the mistake.

The best thing is to learn from the mistake and not feel sorry for it and tie yourself up in knots.

Brooding over past mistakes is only going to make your life miserable.

Don’t Have Victim Mindset

If your guy is not calling you or texting you that does not mean he is victimizing you.

He has not committed any crime by not calling you. Therefore you should not try to make him feel guilty by playing the victim card. You need to accept things and move on.

Don’t Let It Dominate Your Mind

Don’t try to think about why he is not calling and texting and make yourself go mad.

There can be hundreds of reasons for his behavior.

He may have lost his cellphone, he may have got some urgent office work, he may be having problems in his family, he may have lost interest in you, he may be scared of the relationship, he may have found someone else, he may have fallen sick and so many other factors.

Don’t let the reasons dominate your mind and impact you daily life.

Thinking about the reasons is not going to make him call you or text you.

Don’t Be Quick To Accept Him If He Comes Back

You have had sleepless nights thinking about what to do when he stops calling and texting.

Now suddenly, if he calls you after a few weeks or months then don’t quickly fall for him and start talking to him for hours.

Keep your conversation brief and to the point. Don’t try to ask him why he did not call for such a long time.

Behave as if your life was normal and you are absolutely fine.

Find out what he really wants and what’s there in his mind.

Move slowly so that you don’t put yourself in the same situation again.

In fact you need to seriously think about what you should be doing if he stops calling you again suddenly after some time.

Be Patient

You need to be patient and learn to play the waiting game. He may call you after some days, weeks, months or never.

This should not bother you at all. There are so many other things to do in life and therefore you should not be bogged down because of few disappointments.

If you remain patient then either he may call you back or you will find someone else who will recognize how special you are and start dating you.

There are so many other good men in this world, so, don’t wrack your brain and lose sleep over him not calling or texting you back.

Respect Yourself

By allowing your emotions to take control of things you are not respecting yourself.

There is no need to waste time on someone who did not care for you or respect you.

Don’t allow yourself to be treated badly by anyone for any reason.

Maintaining your dignity and self-respect should be your top priority.

You need to be respected, honored and cherished by the guy.

He needs to hold you in high esteem and only then your relationship is worth it.

become fit

Become Fit

Rather than waiting for his call or a text message, get yourself a gym membership.

Use the elliptical to shed some pounds or hit the outdoor boot camp class to burn fat and build muscle.

By going to the gym you will take your mind off the things that are happening to you on the relationship front.

Even if your guy does not call you back, you will have a nice body when you go out into the dating world.

Maintain High Standards

You need to realize and understand that you deserve to be treated nicely by a guy.

The bear minimum you expect from a guy in a relationship is to stay in touch regularly.

A guy who really loves you will never let a day pass by without talking to you.

If you maintain high standards and start demanding respect from men, only then you will find yourself being treated like a queen.

Keep You Options Open

You need to ask yourself if you want to remain in this relationship by tolerating him even if doesn’t call you.

Perhaps he may go silent again and many times in the future.

This is something that you will have to deal with constantly in case you choose to remain in the relationship with him.

Unless there is some pressing need to keep relationship with him, you should keep your options open.

If he doesn’t respect your feelings then it may be worthwhile to explore other options.

If you look out you may find other guys who are willing to be more responsible and respect your feelings.

If you have other guys to date, then you will never be in a situation where you are sitting next to the phone thinking what to do when he stops calling and texting.

be busy

Be Busy

You may have liked him and your feelings may be hurt, but there is no point in sulking over a man who has failed to call you back.

You need to continue with life and start doing things that you like.

It will be much easier to be patient if you make yourself busy.

This is the time to learn something new or pursue some of your neglected activities or hobbies.

Go and meet friends, watch a movie, attend few parties and enjoy life.

Be Strong

This is the time to be strong and have a mindset that you will not get tempted to do silly things like leaving a voice mail or sending emails to him.

I know it is not easy to control your emotions during these stressful times.

But controlling emotions is necessary because you really don’t know when he’s going to call you or if he’s not going to call you.

Hoping, expecting and assuming things will only keep you in a negative cycle of thoughts and emotions.

The better thing would be to be strong, accept reality and move on so that you are happy.


After reading all the tips about what to do when he stops calling and texting, you should be having better clarity now.

Don’t assume things and make any decisions for some time. Be patient, keep yourself busy and maintain high standards.

If sufficient time passes by, and he doesn’t call, then it’s time to forget him and move on.

Hanging on with a hope that he will call you some day would surely be a waste of your time.

make him commit

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