7 Tips To Fight The Fear Of Rejection In Love Relationship


Women often fear rejection in love, especially if it has happened before with them. This fear of rejection has become such a big issue that today it is dramatized far too much.

Rejection in love is not something new and it existed always and therefore there is no need to dramatize it.

We all think about someone we are interested in until he says no to it one day. He feels no attraction and does not want to go further. Of course, it hurts and causes pain, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, phobia and much more.

This provokes a lot of feelings that we would have liked to do without. But, on the other hand, we cannot control the feelings of others and rejection is therefore part of the risks of the game of love and relationship.

dont fear rejection in love

The real question is – how can you do it so that you do not get impacted too much? How to cope with such situations?

Here are some simple tips that will help you to see things differently and fight the fear of rejection in love and relationship.

Do Not Take It Personally

Although rejection does invoke a lot of emotional feelings, in most cases, the rejection in love is not at all related to your personality.

A personal can say no to you for thousands of reasons that have nothing to do with you personally. He may have rejected because of his own issues, securities or fears.

Rejection happens with everyone and therefore don’t let this knock your confidence.

You should not dramatize rejection and take it as a personal attack if you do not achieve your goals.

Keep yourself buy

During the times of rejection it is important that you keep yourself busy. This may be in the form of work, being with friends, or other social activities.

Basically you need to distract yourself until the pain of rejection subsides. With the passage of time you will think less and therefore the hurt will be less.

Rejection causes insecurity and the best way to beat this is by surrounding yourself with people who know you and accept you.

keep yourself busy

Come Out Of The Child Mentality

We all have grown up from being a small child. However, sometimes our thinking is like a small child.

And we know how children react when faced with rejection. When a child does not get the toy it wants they cannot come out of dejection easily.

Therefore it is important to not think like a child and feel dejected endlessly just because one man rejected you.

The world is not going to collapse if someone rejects you. You can still find men who like you.

To survive rejection in love, remember that the word “never” is an unrealistic concept. You will always find people who will love you and like you.

Do Not Let The Rejection In Love Destroy Your Self Confidence

A negative answer should not destroy your self-confidence.

You cannot be the ideal woman who is liked by each and every man you meet. It is therefore perfectly natural that you do not match the one you would like to attract and seduce.

After all, you have your own preferences, and you could also reject someone you do not like, right?

be motivated

If only love and relationships happened instantly, there would be no more singles and the excitement of the first date and knowing each other would be all relative.

In fact, the fear of rejection in love is one of the factors that makes new encounters so exciting. You never know what to expect and if it works, we quickly find ourselves on a small cloud!

Consider Rejection As A Favor

If you do not get the answer you expected from the person you are interested in, that may be a good thing.

It is certainly may not be pleasant to ears, but it is much less complicated than to realize after some time that the love relationship cannot move forward due to some incompatibility.

When you know that the guy is not interested in the relationship straight away you don’t have to go through the pain of dating and then breaking up. And of course, you will not be adding one more guy to the list of ex-boyfriends.

By being rejected straight away at least you can start searching for the ideal guy straight away without waiting and dragging on.

Use Rejection As A Motivation To Improve Yourself

It is often said that one cannot be a real champion if one has never tasted defeat. Defeat provides you an opportunity to learn a few things and improve yourself.

In terms of seduction, it’s exactly the same thing.

Rejection in love gives you the opportunity to work on yourself and understand what can be improved.

The more effort you make, more are the chances of you finding someone who finds you attractive and falls in love with you. So at work!

Do Not Make A Fuss Of It

The fact of being rejected is sometimes so painful that we tend to focus on it and talk about it only. As if there is nothing else in this world to talk about other than rejection.

But the truth is that life goes on even if he has rejected you. Your friends probably sympathize with your misfortune. But no one likes to keep hearing about the same old thing again and again.

This is why it is important that you don’t brood over the past. It would be much better for you to move on and re-motivate yourself.

It’s time to get ready for the next opportunity to find someone and date him.


The fear of rejection in love is a more psychological phenomenon than anything else. You just need to understand that rejection is part of the seduction game.

To play the seduction game effectively you need to move on without getting emotionally impacted too much.

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