How To Reunite With Your Ex Boyfriend After A Breakup


How do you reunite with your ex boyfriend after a break up? If only there was a secret answer to that question then it would have been easy to get him back.

You are not the only one facing this problem. There are many women in the same position like you. Like many of the other challenges in life, getting ex back is a difficult one.

Reuniting with your ex boyfriend after a breakup is one of the worst challenges. You may be tempted to call him up and plead with him to reconsider the decision and take you back. But I think, you understand that this may not be the best approach to take.

What you need to do is to take a step back, calm down and learn to handle yourself. This will help you to think properly about the right approach to follow to win him back.

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What’s The Best Approach To Reunite With Your Ex Boyfriend?

Some of your friends and relatives may advice you to write a long love letter spelling out your thoughts and feelings. But you shouldn’t do that.

Someone else may advice you to call him up continuously and try to talk to him. Again this is not something that is going to help you to win his heart back.

And finally, never follow the advice of trying to date someone else in order to create jealousy in your ex’s mind. By following this advice you will end up hurting both the men and in the process become alone.

You may have heard the advice many times that you should ignore your ex boyfriend if you really want to reunite with your ex boyfriend again.

Immediately after the breakup this may seem to be an absurd approach to you because you are confused and desperately want to get back with him.

Actually, you may think that doing the exact opposite thing would be the best approach. Before you make any move you need to understand the male psychology first. You need to understand the reason as to why so many people are advising you to forget your ex boyfriend’s phone number, address and place of work.

Be In Control Of The Failed Relationship

After a breakup, the individual who chases their ex is normally the one who loses control of the future of the relationship.

Women facing the challenge of breakup often expect things to work the way it is given in a romance novel.

They think that calling up their ex boyfriend over phone will result in him expressing his feelings of missing them. However by calling him, a clear and loud message of desperation is delivered to him. Calling up is not going to help you to reunite with your ex boyfriend in any way.

By chasing him nonstop, you are actually giving him full control of things that happen next. He knows that if he ignores you then you are going to increase the efforts to get him.

He would understand that your life revolves around him and you are desperate. He will ignore you more, just to find out the extent to which you will try to win him back. By chasing him you are only feeding his ego.

What you need to do is to get full control of the things that happen next. This can only happen if you change your attitude and behavior.

Once he starts to observe that you are ignoring him continuously, he will get curious. Next, he may start chasing you because men like to chase things that are difficult to get, especially if it is a woman.

Implement The No Contact Step Without Revealing Your Strategy

Many women make the mistake of implementing the no contact strategy by openly sharing it with their ex boyfriend. By telling him that you are not going to talk to him, you make him realize that you have a plan in place to get him back.

This will result in him getting alert and ignoring you before you even realize it. This way you may have no contact with each other for many months.

Instead, you need to decide duration for the no contact period and keep it to yourself. Don’t even share it with a friend because sometimes it can reach your ex boyfriend through the gossip mongers route.

Ideally a one month no contact period should be good enough for both of you.

This one month period should be utilized by you to focus on something that is more positive and enriching for you.

There will always be a temptation to think about the past and the good times you had together. However you should avoid thinking about the past and instead focus on rediscovering yourself. Focus on how to become a strong and confident woman that men like to adore.

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Do You Really Need To Reunite With Your Ex Boyfriend? Redefine Your Future Goals In Life

One of the key benefits of ignoring your ex boyfriend for a month is that you will be able to decide if getting back with your ex is the best thing to do or not.

After a month your emotions would have settled and you will be able to think rationally about an array of other opportunities.

Sometimes it may not be worthwhile to reunite with your ex boyfriend if the breakup happened due to an attitude or behavior that is sure to happen again in the future.

During the one month no contact period you will be able to think over things like these and decide if it is best to get back with your ex to realize all your dreams in life or pursue some other plan of action.

Another great benefit of ignoring you ex boyfriend is that he will set out to capture your heart, once he realizes that you are not showing any interest in regaining his love and devotion.

Actually men are known to chase things in life that are beyond their reach. Once he gets a feeling that you don’t want him, then he will get inquisitive to find out whom are you interested in and this will make him come running back to you with full force and try to explain his position.

Hopefully the steps outlined in this article should help you to resolve a relationship conflict with your man. You may reunite with your ex boyfriend or take some other action that best suits your relationship dreams in life.

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