How To Make Him Jealous And Want You More


Are you looking for some attention from someone you like or your boyfriend or maybe your husband?

You will only be able to get his attention if you become desirable in his eyes.

There are many ways to pierce his heart so that he takes notice of you.

However, the easy way to induce desire and attraction is to make him jealous.

Before you get into the game of making him jealous, you need to understand that this can work well if done correctly.

However, if you make silly mistakes then this whole game can backfire.

Women have used jealousy to get back the magic of romance into a relationship, to get more sexual attraction from a guy, to make a new boyfriend show attraction, to make a husband like them by reigniting romance and more such things.

You can always try the techniques on how to make him jealous and want you more.

These techniques do work and many women have managed to rekindle romance in their life.

However if the techniques backfire then the guy may start hating you and this may lead to a relationship breakup.

If you are dealing with a possessive boyfriend or husband then it is better to be extremely careful.

If you play the jealousy game and he comes to know about it then every step of yours will be suspected by him.

If you have other men around you then he will be suspicious.

Here are some techniques that you can try to get his attention and attraction.


One of the easy ways to make him jealous is by using mobile texting. All you need to do is bring in an element of mystery in your text message.

If he sends you a text message then there is no need to respond immediately.

Let there be a gap of few hours before you send your response to him.

texting him

You may be sitting idle and be tempted to respond back, but just overcome the excitement and don’t send an immediate response.

If he sends you a text for dinner at a restaurant then respond back with a message that you already have some other plans.

There is no need to give out any details. Keep him guessing so that he starts to think about you more and more.

Dress Well And Look Good

It is quite possible that it’s been a while since you used makeup or made changes to the way you dress.

Even if you don’t use makeup, it is worthwhile to use it for improving your looks.

Wear modern dresses that make you look young and sexy. Do some changes to your hairstyle also.

Your husband or boyfriend is going to take notice of these changes.

If asked by your husband about the changes then you can just give a mysterious smile and not reveal much.

This is going to make your crush jealous and he will start giving more attention in order to find out what’s going on in your life.

You may also feel good because you will see that your husband is getting possessive about you all of a sudden.

You are dressing impressively to get his attention however there is no need to reveal the truth so early.

Enjoy all the attention you are getting from your husband and when your love life really improves you can let him know the truth in a subtle way.

Have Fun

An easy way to get attention from your boyfriend or husband is to have fun.

Over a period of time your guy would have taken you for granted and assumed that your valuable time and space is only for you.

Start to have fun by going out to meet your friends and have a party with them.

Click some nice pictures of you having good time partying with your friends.

Share these pictures with your boyfriend or husband in a natural way.

He will definitely feel jealous and want to get close to you. This attraction towards you will happen naturally.

Slowly you will notice that he will increase his attention towards you so that you don’t spend a lot of time with friends.

Make His Guy Friends Appreciate You

When you are around your husband or boyfriends friends try and do something nice that they really like.

You don’t have to do anything flirty but just behave in the best possible way and his friends are going to notice you.

Also there is no need to go out of your way and do things to impress his friends.

To stay trouble free, you should not do anything intentionally.

Your nice behavior should naturally earn you appreciation from his friends.

When his friends appreciate you or compliment you then your boyfriend or husband is going to feel jealous.

Talk About Your Ex

A highly effective way to make him jealous and want you more is by talking about your ex.

Without any competition, your guy may have become complacent.

And an easy way to bring him out of the comfort zone is by talking how your ex treated you.

Remember that you should not overdo it otherwise it can make your husband or boyfriend angry and ruin your relationship totally.

To get the benefit of this technique you will have to do it perfectly so that it just makes your boyfriend pay attention to you.

Chat With Another Guy When Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Around

If you know a good old guy who is really a good friend then take out his details and start chatting with him using a chat application like Whatsapp.

Make the chat conversation animated so that your husband or boyfriend notices it.

chatting on whatsapp

If your husband or boyfriend get a feeling that you are getting close to someone else then they will fear this competition.

If you are asked a lot of questions after your chat then it surely means that they are jealous.

Pursue The Sport You Like

When your boyfriend or husband is not paying much attention to you it would be good to pursue the sport or any other activity you like.

Go to ski over the weekend or perhaps go to dance every Friday.

These fun activities will keep you away from him. He will come to know that you know how to be active and independent without depending on him.

ski sports

Once he sees you pursuing your loved sports he may want to spend more time with you.

Always remember that it is real life and therefore keep the emotions of the guy in mind before making him jealous.

Do His Favorite Things With Someone Else

An easy way to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more is by doing his favorite things with someone else.

If he likes coconut cookies made by you then you should make coconut cookies and send it to a friend of yours who also likes these cookies.

You can take pictures of these cookies and let your boyfriend know that you made these cookies for your friend.

Similarly if he likes to watch a basketball match involving a certain team then buy tickets for that match and go with a friend of yours who also likes to watch matches involving this particular team.

Try and send a picture of that match to your boyfriend.

You should do these things with someone who really enjoys the event you are going to and not appear as if you purposely left your boyfriend out.

Hang Out With Your Guy friends

It is not necessary to date other guys, you just need to have male friends to hang around with.

with friends

Even if you are married, it is perfectly ok to talk to other male friends.

When you hang around with your guy friends then your husband or boyfriend is certainly going to be a bit jealous and nervous.

Appreciate Male Celebrities

You can watch a Male Fashion show on television and appreciate the guys who appear on the show.

You can praise their height or muscular body or any other feature that impresses you.

You can compare a member of the fashion show to Brad Pitt and call him cute.

When you show attention towards public celebrities, your boyfriend or husband will get jealous and therefore will show more interest in you.

Make Your Guy Jealous By Ignoring His Calls

If your guy calls you over phone then don’t rush to pick the phone after the first ring.

Let him call you a few times before you pick up his call. When you do pick up his call tell him that you were busy with some work.

However, when you meet him next, mesmerize him with your beauty and be very cordial with him so that he forgets the phone incident and gets along well with you.

Talk To Other Men In Your Office When Your Guy Is Present

When you know that your husband or boyfriend is going to pick you up from office, just talk with some other men in your office when your husband or boyfriend is approaching you.

Surely your husband or boyfriend is going to ask you about the person to whom you were talking.

Just tell him that it was some normal office work discussion and nothing more. If he does too much of questioning you can ask him not to read too much into it and behave like a good husband.

Don’t Reveal All The Details

The reason your boyfriend or husband take you from granted is because you reveal all the details even without them asking for it.

For a change you need to turn the table around. If you are asked about something don’t reveal all the facts.

Keep your conversation short and sweet. Try to give a rough and vague answer.

Your vague answer is going to confuse your guy. He is going to wonder as to why you are being vague and not providing the detailed answer like you did in the past.

This will create some mystery around you and he will start to pay attention to you.

Post Your Pictures On Social Media

Best way to share your pictures with family and friends is to post it on a social media site like Facebook.

This way your guy will come to know that you are having fun even without him. This will also show him how popular you are with friends.

When your guy sees you smiling with your friends, he is bound to feel jealous and he will try and get close to you.

If some people comment positively about your pictures then he is going to get even more jealous.

Tell A Friend To Send You Flowers And Gift

You can tell a friend to send you some gift and a bouquet of flowers. When you receive these flowers pretend as if it was surprise gift.

If you receive some red roses then he is going to get extremely curious to know the admirer who has sent you red roses.

receive flowers

This act will surely make your guy feel jealous and magnetically draw him towards you.

Just Leave Abruptly While You Are Talking With Him

When you are having a conversation with him, get up and leave in between the conversation to attend to something else that is more important.

Your guy is bound to feel jealous when he comes to know that there is something more important than him for you.

Don’t Always Say Yes To His Last Minute Plans

If he comes up with a last minute plan and invites you out for the same then don’t always accept those invites.

You can tell him that you are doing something else and can’t make it.

Let him work hard to get you on board his plans. If you make yourself easily available at all times then he is going to take you for granted.

By keeping him guessing you will have his attention and attraction towards you.

Don’t React If He Flirts With Someone Else

If you see him flirting with another girl then don’t get upset and lose your temper.

Stay calm and cool and behave as if it does not matter to you.

When he notices that you have not got disturbed by his moves he will wonder why you are indifferent to his moves.

He will feel neglected and come back to you running. This is a proven way to make a man jealous and want your more.

Here you need to be careful in not being so indifferent that he feels that the relationship has broken and there is no scope for return.

Be Nice With Him

Be nice and sweet with him whenever you are together. However don’t stop doing your other things just because he is there with you.

Again when he makes an effort to be with you, cooperate and be nice with him.

This is going to make your guy jealous because he may want to be with you all the time, however you are not allowing him to do so.

Girls Night Out

If he calls you out for dinner at a restaurant, turn it down in favor of a girls night out.

Firstly he will be missing you and secondly he will start to wonder as to what you are doing in an all ladies party at night.

girls night out

As he misses you, his attraction for you also gets amplified. This is one of those easy ways to make him jealous and want you more.

This will also send out a signal that you know how to have fun without depending on him.

Join A Group

One nice way to improve and grow is to join a group and learn new things.

For example you could join a photography group and learn professional photography methods.

This way you will meet new people including men who have similar interests. This is a nice way to make a guy jealous indirectly.

This will make your guy feel jealous without him feeling that you have joined the photography group to make him jealous.

As your value increases he is going to gravitate towards you and want you more.

Wear Clothes That He Doesn’t Want You To Wear

He may not want you to wear certain clothes that reveal a bit of your body because he may be worried about the attention you may get from other men.

You may have been avoiding what he dislikes all this while.

However, now that you want him to get a bit upset and jealous, why not wear some sexy clothes to your girl’s night out party.

He may not get very disturbed because you are wearing these clothes to the girl’s night out party.

However he may still get a bit nervous. This is a proven trick to make a boyfriend jealous and want you more.

Make Your Best Friend Call You On Phone When He Is Around

One easy way to draw the attention of your husband or boyfriend is to receive a call from your best friend.

receive call from friend

When he sees you cooing and whispering over the phone then your guy is not going to like it.

Even if you are talking to a girl, talk in an animated way so that your guy starts wondering if it is a boyfriend.

A dreamy expression on your face will really make your guy jealous and want you more.

Get Out Of Sight Once In A While

Since you know that your husband or boyfriend likes you, but the love and attraction has diminished considerably over time, you should try to get out of sight once in a while.

It is a well-known fact that humans like to chase things that retreat from them.

This is a psychological trick that has never failed. This trick works with friends, lovers and even business associates.

If you get out of sight for a while then your husband or boyfriend will go crazy and wonder where you have gone off to.

His anxiety and curiosity levels will shoot and he is bound to chase you.

You will find this psychological technique mentioned in many of the books that teach how to make him jealous and want you more.

Have A Party

Arrange a party and invite all your friends to the party.

Make sure your party creates a lot of buzz.

Your husband or boyfriend is going to get curious about who is getting invited.


With a lot of buzz, your guy will also get envious and jealous, and he may do his best so that he also gets invited by you to the party.

Final Words

Your ultimate goal should be to the person who is liked by people naturally and not someone who is always working hard to make him jealous.

Making your boyfriend jealous has to done in a subtle indirect way so that it is not very evident.

If your boyfriend comes to know that you are playing these jealousy games then he may lose interest completely and this may ruin your relationship beyond repair.

make him commit

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