How To Make Him Chase You In A Relationship – 7 Proven Tips


One of the exciting feelings for a woman is when she is chased by the man she loves.

The chase gives you a clear signal that he likes you, he’s attracted to you and is interested in having a relationship.

A new relationship is really amazing as every new day seems to be better than the previous day and you get close to one another as days pass by.

You start to enjoy the feeling of how to make him chase you in a relationship. And he too loves the thrill of chasing you.

Six months or a year later, you are still together, loving each other, but the spark diminishes and he stops chasing you like he did initially.

You may start to feel that he’s taking you for granted. At times you may even feel that he is slipping away.

Attempts to pull him close may not work and you start to wonder if the relationship is going to end. With time you may feel more insecure about his interest in you.

make him chase you

The good news is that you need not worry because you can easily learn how to make him chase you again so that you can keep the romance and passion alive.

Women who are married and those in a long term relationship can learn the ways to keep the chase going in a relationship, long after the thrill of love dies down.

Here are some proven ways to keep the romance and attraction alive in a relationship for a long time.

Use Reverse Psychology

If you want to make him chase you in a relationship, then you need to look at things a bit differently than you have been doing all this while.

It’s a well-known fact that men like challenges. Men lose interest in anything that comes easy to them and this includes women.

This is why you would have noticed that women who treat men very well often get left behind.

So, if you want his attention then you should make him fight for your attention.

Instead of devoting all your time for him, allocate some time for yourself to do other things.

You can do things like going out for a movie with friends, going out of town for a leisure weekend with friends, going for girl’s night out part, go shopping and other such things.

The idea here is to spend some time in other activities so that he starts missing you. And when he misses you he will fight harder to get time back with you.

Spending time in other activities may seem counterproductive initially, but once you do it properly you will see him chasing you like crazy.

However it is important that you don’t overdo this by spending all your time doing other activities. This will make it extremely difficult for him to get your time and he may lose interest.

Now to compensate for the time you spend in other activities, you should make sure that you have a wonderful time when you are with him.

Do fun things that you have not tried before like learning ice hockey or how to do scuba dive. This will keep the excitement level high and he will feel that he can never get enough of you.

He will want to spend more and more time with you because he will get the feeling of being on top of the world whenever is with you.

Stop Chasing Him

Have you been chasing him to get his attention and love?

Show your love and affection, but don’t chase him all the time. If you keep chasing him then he will hardly be able to chase you.

Get involved in some other activities so that you are not always thinking about getting his attention.

Don’t be the one to text him first or calling him. Let him make the contact if there is need to exchange information.

If there is something extremely urgent then you can send him a short message.

Calling and texting him often may not allow him to do his job at office.

When you hold yourself back a bit then you will pose some challenge to him and this is something that men like.

Praise Him And Acknowledge His Achievements

A man feels deeply hurt when his success and achievements are not appreciated or taken for granted.

He may not reveal his feelings to you, however every time you don’t appreciate his good work, he feels less motivated to chase you or impress you.

Over a period of time he would have stopped impressing you totally because you unconsciously stopped appreciating his actions.

appreciate him

The best thing to reignite his love for you is to appreciate all the good things he does for you from time to time. You behavioral change may not fetch you immediate results.

However once you start appreciating him, slowly you will notice that he will start to impress you and chase you again.

Let the things look natural and let him not get the feeling that you are appreciating him just to get his attention. Also don’t nag him and make him do things a certain way.

It is quite possible that he stopped chasing you not because he doesn’t love you but because he was unable to express and explain his feelings to you.

This is why it is important for you to understand men and the way they do things. Putting a little effort in understanding men will go a long way in having a happy relationship.

Let Him Do His favorite Things

I’m sure that he was doing many things in the past before the two of you got into a relationship.

Don’t stop him or discourage him from perusing his interests and hobbies.

If he likes to play tennis over the weekend, then let him do that. If he likes to watch the premiere of every movie of his favorite movie star then let him do that.

Telling him to stop playing tennis or watching the premiere so that he spends more time with you may not really work in the long run.

Don’t try to change him, fix him or alter the way he thinks. He needs some time and space for his own activities also.

It is quite possible that, the irritation caused because of not pursuing his favorite hobbies, was preventing him from paying attention to you.

It is a fact that men like to be women with same taste or interests.

Therefore, If you try and cultivate interest in his hobbies, then you may be able to speed up things.

If he does things that he likes and feels happy then he is more likely to spend more time with you after that.

Allowing him the freedom and space will only work to your advantage.

Of course, you may feel a bit bored when he is away, but when the two of you are away from each other, you will miss each other and the attraction will only grow.

The increased attraction will make him chase you again like crazy.

Improve Your Appearance

Over time you may have stopped impressing him with your dress and looks.

However let me tell you that men are visual creatures and appearance does make a big difference.

Start wearing nice clothes that you have not worn ever before.

His eyes will open up when he sees you in these new clothes.

Wearing clothes that give you a sexy appearance does not mean that you should reveal your body.

You can dress sexy without revealing. The idea is to seduce him again so that he is genuinely attracted to you.

Find out some new hair styles that suit you and select one that makes you look good and attractive.

You need to show him that you are a different person now. It’s not just the clothes and the hair style but all the things that can impact your appearance.

Get new shoes, new piercing, color your hair, and apply makeup and all the other things that can make you attractive to him.

Take care of your skin. Go to a gymnasium if you need to lose some weight and get fit.

Take good care of yourself without him prompting you to do so.

Pursue Your Passion To Make Him Chase You In A Relationship

If you did some fun things before you got into a relationship with him, then now is the time to do them again.

If you were doing some work like sewing, embroidery, dancing or home decoration then start doing those things again.

pursue passion

Go out to shows, seminars, talks, music concert, theater and any other event you enjoy.

If you wanted to learn something new like painting, swimming, kite flying, photography or anything else then this is the best time to do that.

Reach out to your old girl friends and tell them that you want to start getting out again.

Go out to watch movies with your girlfriends. Accept the invitations to girl’s night out parties and start enjoying yourself.

When you start to socialize with some of your old friends then you will clear your head, get out of stressful situation and also allow him the space he needs.

You should be doing these things in order to be happy and not because you want him to chase you again.

Once your man sees that you are appearing to be more like the girl he met initially, he will get attracted to you again.

Make Him Long For You

When you are married or staying together then physical separation may not be possible all the time.

However you can make him long for you by doing various things like improving yourself, learning new things, presenting new skills, by socializing with friends, by being charismatic or any other way.

Even simple things like planning a weekend get together at the beach or getting tickets for watching his favorite play at the theater can create a lot of excitement.

These are easy to do things to make a man chase you in a relationship.

You see, men like to be with women who have the ability to make themselves desirable all the time.

Therefore, if your man discovers a newer and better person in you from time to time then he will get attracted on a regular basis.

If you want to make him chase in a relationship then you will have to keep things fresh and exciting. If your man gets a feeling that you are spontaneous and unpredictable then he is going to love you.

When you present to him surprising new things from time to time he is going to crave to be with you.

Keep the smile on his face by laughing, enjoying life and sharing your sense of humor with him.

be nice

Final Thoughts

These are some really effective tips that can help you to keep the chase going in a relationship.

However, if you think that these techniques can give you instant results then you are going to be disappointed.

To get results with these techniques you will have to try them out patiently.

It may take several weeks or even months before your guy starts to feel the changes in you and starts chasing you again.

make him commit

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