How To Make A Man Miss You – 7 Proven Tips


Are you looking for ways to make your guy miss you? Or are you trying get your ex boyfriend back by making him miss you?

It is easy to make a man miss you, rekindle love in existing relationship or bring back your ex by using a few tricks.

You can easily read and learn the tricks about how to make a man miss you.

Scenario 1 – If you are already in a relationship and want to bring back the spark in your love life then it is best to make your man to work a bit so that he chases you. Here are some of the tricks you can use:

Don’t Respond To Him Immediately

If he is sending you text messages to find out about how your day is proceeding then don’t send him a response immediately unless there is some emergency. Just respond after couple of hours and let him know that you are having fun without him so that he remembers you and misses you.

Once he realizes that you are having fun without him then he may want to be with you so that he can part of it.

He will start to pay more attention to you. In fact if you are having a smile on your face without him then he will want to be with you and make you smile.


Avoid Contact Or Limit Your Conversation

If he is not affectionate with you the way he was at the start of the relationship then you may have to do a little bit more to reignite the spark. Just don’t contact him or limit your conversation with him. Be a little aloof and nonchalant towards him.

He is going to get curious and may try to contact you or talk to you. Just nod your head or just say ‘ok’ to what he is saying and then keep doing what you were originally doing.

Maintain a low profile for couple of days so that he starts to miss you and eventually chase you to get your attention.

How To Make A Man Miss You By Not Making Yourself Available 24 x 7

Another great technique about how to make him miss you is by appearing to be a bit busy.

If you are available to him 24 x 7 then he assumes that you don’t have anything else except remembering about him and taking care of his wants and needs.

You can pay attention to all his needs but also take care of your personal needs. Go out with him but also don’t forget to go and meet your friends and relatives.

Go for dinner with him but also don’t forget to attend your social parties. Once you start to limit the time you are there with him then he will miss you and want to spend more time with. This will make him come closer you and be more affectionate with you.

Scenario 2 – If you have just started dating someone or if you just broke up and you want to make him miss you then here are some proven tricks that you can use.

Dress Up And Look Beautiful If You Know You Will See Him

One of the best ways to make a man miss you is by dressing well and looking amazing. When a man sees that you are happy, looking good and moving on without him then his is definitely going to remember you.

If you know in advance that you are going to meet him somewhere, then it is essential that you look your best so that he realizes the beauty he is missing. It is no secret that men like beautiful woman and by looking great you are going to attract him again.

Do Not Respond To Dating Requests And His Instant Calls Straightaway

Another great technique about how to make him miss you, especially if you have just started dating is by not accepting his last minute requests for a date. The same applies to his phone calls also. If he calls you or sends a text message then don’t respond to all the calls immediately.

By not picking up all his calls you will give an impression that you also have other things to do. He will realize that you are not always thinking about him and there are other activities that you have.

If he keeps requesting for an instant date then tell him that you will try your best to make it, however don’t commit. Now he is going to think about you and miss you. And if you make it to the date it will be surprise for him.


Get His Attention By Using A Signature Perfume

Another great trick about how to make a man miss you is by using a signature fragrance. It is well known that men get fascinated by good body odor. Therefore if you use a good perfume then he is going to remember the smell of the perfume and thus remember you.

For using this trick you will have to purchase a top quality perfume that has a lasting fragrance.

If you rest on his shoulder or chest when you are with him then the perfume fragrance is going to stick to his body and clothes. This will make the guy miss you and remember you even after you leave for home.

Leave Behind Some Small Items To Make Him Remember You

One more intelligent way to make a man miss you is by leaving behind small things like ear ring, hair clip, bracelet etc. You will have to leave these small things at a place that he will notice and then keep it with him for returning it to you later.

These small belongings will not only make him remember you but he will also look forward to meeting you again to return the stuff back to you.

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