How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You – 7 Proven Tips


Are you tired of constantly dating without positive results? This situation can put pressure on you and you may start to wonder about how to make a man fall in love with you.

how to make a man fall in love with you
If you don’t do anything then you may not get any results. Although love is not something that can be pushed, but surely there are things that you can try to make a guy fall in love with you.

This is not something very easy. But with hard work you can simplify things and move forward in your love life.

There are many tactics and techniques that you can try. A particular tactic may work with one man and fail with someone else. This is because not every person is the same.

But remember that every man wants to be loved and typically women are affectionate. Therefore women can offer love and work on some of the other proven techniques to win his love.

Once you start using some of these proven techniques you won’t be left wondering as to what makes a man fall in love. Here are some secrets that will help in your relationship journey.

Make Him Feel Like A Hero

The first thing that you need to do is to make him feel like a man. If you make him feel like your hero by appreciating his problem solving abilities then you are going to give a boost to his masculinity.

When you admire his calmness during pressure situations, you are actually admiring the natural instincts of a man.

To make a guy fall in love with you it is important that you always keep the 3 P’s of manhood in mind – protect, procreate and provide.
3 Ps Manhood

Appreciate And Respect Him

Appreciate a man the way he is currently without trying to change him. The moment you try to do changes with him, you are going to see him slipping away from you.

Let him wear the clothes of his choice, have a hair style that he likes, move around with his favorite friends and do things that he enjoys doing.

Texting him 50 times a day to find out his whereabouts and what he is doing is going to signal him that you are not the easygoing type. You have to be a cool girlfriend for him to be falling in love with you.

Know his shortcomings and accept him the way he is currently. If you can’t let the guy be his own self then he is not the guy for you.

Another important principle that can help you to make him fall hopelessly in love with you is the respect principle.

When a man protects you and does all the hard work to provide you all the good things, he expects to be appreciated and respected. And this is surely a fair ask, not something that you cannot do.

Compliment him frequently so that you feed his ego. Both men and women like to be complimented. But make sure you don’t fake it. Find out genuine things to compliment and be real.

Be A Confident Woman

Guys like women who are confident. When he is talking to you, listen carefully and wait for your turn to talk.

confident woman

Show your confidence when talking with him without appearing as if you are bragging or competing.

Making eye contact with him is a great way to show your confidence.

Don’t talk too much about yourself without being asked. He should not get a feeling that you are telling him your life story.

Let him show interest in finding more information about a confident women like you.

To be confident you also need to look good. And when you look good you will get noticed by men. The best way to look good is to workout regularly, eat a healthy diet and sleep well.

How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You By Being Trustworthy

Men like ladies who are trustworthy. If he starts trusting you then he will become comfortable and relaxed with you and eventually fall in love with you.

It is generally seen that men get into a long term relationship like marriage with someone who is reliable and trustworthy.

Begin the relationship by being his friend and understanding his likes and dislikes, dreams and hopes and other important aspects. This will help in building an emotional bond and trust.

Building trust will take some time and effort and therefore make sure not to lose it by doing stupid things.

For example – If you are dating a new guy, don’t share all the discussion details with your other friends. Often the information will get back to him and this may result in loss of trust.

Avoid Or Delay Physical Intimacy

Winning a man’s heart is not about getting intimate with him and having sex too early.

If you really want to make him fall in love with you then you should hold off having sex with him as long as you can. Many guys may go after a girl to experience the thrill of chase.

It takes time for a relationship to develop and mature. So you should avoid getting intimate at least till the relationship really develops with a man.

Early sex may spoil the chances of establishing an emotional bond with him. Once he starts to see you as a sex object he may not really move and explore the other finer aspects of the relationship.

However, once you establish an emotional bond with him then the sexual relationship will be more meaningful for the two of you.

Have A Positive Attitude And A Sense Of Humor

Having the right attitude and a sense of humor can surely help you to attract the guy and make him love you. Look at things positively because no one likes pessimistic views. Always try to see the glass as half filled.

More men are likely to look at you if you have a smile on your face. Laughing at his jokes and sharing your own jokes is a great way to exhibit your sense of humor.

Be Unique And Independent

Let him not think that you are like any other woman. By being unique you will be able to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

He should make out that you are charming, witty and smart.

Similarly when he notices that you are independent with your own job, friends, your hobbies and other things he will know that it’s just not the pretty face alone.

He may now think about moving from attraction phase to developing an emotional bond with you and eventually committing to you.

The core psychology of making a guy fall in love with you involves moving from attraction to relationship development and finally to commitment.

To make this transition happen successfully, a man needs to see you as a total package. He needs see that you are returning his affections by making him feel special.

Once he sees that you are attractive, smart, independent, honest, easygoing, trustworthy and well rounded the deeper emotional connection will get established and eventually you will be able to make a man fall in love with you.

make him commit

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