How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You Secretly


Finding out if someone likes you is not easy and it becomes even more difficult if you want information on how to know if a shy guy likes you secretly.

This is because women get confused by the signals that men make when they are interested in someone.

Only some naturally aggressive guys approach women without difficulty and ask their phone number.

Most other men may not take the aggressive approach, and therefore, if you like a man, then it may not be easy to find out if he also has similar feelings.

Based on the limited signals that you get from him, you can ask for help from some of your friends and attempt to decode the signals.

However, different people give different advice, therefore reading the signals from a man can make you go crazy.

All this exercises can become even more mindboggling when the guy you are interested in is a shy guy.

A shy man will not have the confidence to walk up to you and tell his feelings.

Remember that underneath the wall of shyness, there is a normal person who will take some time to open up.

He will open up only when he does not feel the risk of rejection.

Some shy guys may not be able to recognize the signals from you in a timely way.

shy guy likes you secretly

Tips On How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You Secretly

To make your job easy, we have put together a list of ten factors that can help you to find out if a shy guy likes you. You may find some of these traits in a shy guy or a combination of these traits.

More than anything else, you can use the body language signs to find out a lot of things. This is because often the body language reveals the feelings of a man loud and clear.

Here below are the 10 factors that you need to watch out for.

He Stares At You, But Breaks Eye Contact

One of the signs a shy guy likes you secretly is that he will look away if you try to look at him directly.

If both of you are present in a crowded room and you try to make eye contact, then he will look at something else or someone else.

Just because he looks away does not mean he is not interested.

In fact shy men often find it difficult to sustain eye contact with someone they are attracted to.

Notice him using your peripheral vision and you will see that he is staring at you, but the moment you make eye contact he will look elsewhere.

Under this situation if you can go near him and smile at him then you may put him at ease and then he may even reciprocate with a smile.

He Gets Nervous When You Are Near Him

The next in the list of signs a shy man is attracted to you is his body language when you are near him.

You can actually test this out and find out if he’s really attracted to you by just touching his arm when you are near him or talking to him.

You will see that he’s taken aback and he may even pull his arm away.

He may be clumsy around you, tripping, stammering and blabbering.

If you try to talk to him his face may turn red.

This happens because he wants to be perfect and avoid any embarrassment in front of you. But his nerves are making him behave in an awkward way.

Now, don’t take this as a negative sign, because this is a common trait with shy guys.

Slowly with time his shyness will fade and he will be comfortable when you are near him.

he is nervous

He Prefers To Talk Over Phone Or Texting

The best form of communication is surely the face to face communication.

However, shy people are far more comfortable communicating using digital methods like phone conversation, whatsapp chat, mobile texting, and other such methods.

When communicating digitally, you will not be able to see the facial expressions of the other person and eye contact is also not possible.

Facial expressions and eye contact can tell you a lot, especially in relationship matters.

With digital communication the shy person feels relieved and there is no pressure to give a hundred percent perfect response.

You will find him cracking funny jokes over a text message. These are sure signs of a shy guy in love.

Shy guys are good texters and normally they will respond back immediately without making you wait for hours.

You should consider the digital communication from a shy guy as a positive response and assume that he is interested.

If only he was not interested then he may not communicate in any way. You should consider this way of initial communication as a shy guy crush signs.

After a few phone conversations and chats he will become friendlier with you and this should result in him becoming more confident for the face to face communication.

he prefers phone and texting

He’s Extremely Helpful

If a shy guy finds it difficult to express himself verbally then he will try to do other things for you. One of the traits of shy guys is their politeness and being helpful.

He may do simple things like holding the door open for you or opening the tight jam bottle lid for you.

These simple helpful gestures can break the ice and lead to a conversation or perhaps him asking you out.

If you tell him that you want something at the ninth hour, he will make all attempts to get that thing for you. He may even leave his important work to fulfill your requirement.

These opportunities to help you provide him a chance to be present around you and convey his feelings in a nonverbal manner.

If he is going out of the way to help you, to make your life easier and better, then consider this as the best information on how to know if a shy guy likes you secretly.

He’s Happy When He Sees You

Generally you will notice that he’s happy when he sees you. You can easily detect his feelings of happiness by observing his body language.

There are some obvious signs like adjusting his hair with a comb when you are approaching or he may lean towards you when you are speaking in a group.

Another sign of a shy man attracted to you is the dilated pupils. This happens when we see someone whom we like.

He may spend time with you not necessarily in the form of a date, but like studying together or making a presentation together or even shopping together.

All these activities make him happy because you are there with him. This is again one of the signs a shy man is attracted to you secretly.

He Feels Jealous When You Talk To Other Men

Do you see him diving in when he sees someone else is making a move on you?

Shy guys get jealous and suffer from the feelings silently when they see some other men talking to a woman they like.

He may not really come and stop you from talking to the other guy. He may not openly confess that he loves you.

But he will do little things that will show that he is jealous.

He may actually start staring at you for a longer time while you are talking to some other man.

Perhaps, he may even come close to you when you are talking to the other person.

If he has started talking to you then he may even ask you more about the guy you were talking to. This clearly means that he is really jealous.

A guy would not be inquisitive if he just wants to a friend.

Only when a guy a likes you and is attracted to you, he will get jealous like this.

he is jealous when you talk to other men

He Keeps Himself Updated About Things In Your Life

One of the sure signs a shy guy likes you secretly is when he keeps himself updated with things that happen in your like.

This may be things about you, your family and friends. Don’t be surprised if he remembers your grandmother’s birthday because this is how shy guys act when they like you.

He may want to know about the music you like, the books you like to read, the movies you like to watch and other such things.

If you go out for dinner with him, he may order your favorite drink even without you telling him about it.

He may switch on the television for you at the correct time so that you can watch your favorite TV serial.

He may talk to you very casually but will always be interested in the details so that he is updated about the things in your life.

If he is showing this level of interest in the details of your life, then it surely means that he is attracted to you.

He Protects You

If a shy guy is protective about you then it means he loves you.

If he sees someone harming you then he will come and protect you.

He may even pick up a fight with a much stronger guy in order to protect you.

If someone attacks you verbally then also he would stand up and talk in your defense.

The best thing is that he will brush it off as no big deal even if he got a bit hurt in the process of protecting you.

These actions of protection cannot come from someone who is not connected to you from the deepest part of his heart.

He Treats You Differently From Other Woman

He may be nice and polite with other girls but may give you special treatment because he loves you.

He may generally not chat with other girls because of his shyness, but he may chat with you because he likes you.

It is also possible that he does weird things when you are around and not otherwise when other girls are present.

This happens because men change around someone they like.

You will have to observe him and compare his behavior when he is with other girls and when you are around.

If his behavior is different when you are around, in a positive way, then surely it means something.

Pay attention to the way he behaves, the way he talks, the way he looks at you and other such things and you will soon realize that he is falling in love with you.

he treats you differently

He Seems To Be Following You Everywhere

This may seem coincidental, but you will find him in places that you frequently visit.

He would have worked out a plan to bump into you so that a he can be with you or perhaps start a conversation somehow.

If you go to the college library frequently, then you will find him in the library at the same time.

He may be there in the same group of friends that you are part of.

If you decide to move to another group then you may find that he also moved to the same group.

After sometime you may get the feeling that he is present at all the places you go. These are strong signs a shy guy likes you secretly.

Now that you have found the answers to the question about how to know if a shy guy likes you secretly, the next thing you may want to know is – what to do if a shy guy loves you?

Conclusions & Tips On What To Do Next

Shy guys do have some limitations in opening up and therefore don’t try to push him hard to open up fast.

You cannot expect a shy guy flirting with you quickly. He will take some time to overcome his shyness and talk to you. So let him take his time to open up.

Surely you can take some simple steps to break the ice and make him feel comfortable to chat.

Smiling at him, appreciating him and attempting to talk can all help.

Once he is comfortable with you then he will reveal a lot of things that he would not normally reveal to others.

He does this because he values the relationship and trusts you. Therefore you should not do things that can break this trust bond.

Shy guys may sometimes seem to be unaffected by emotions, however that may not really be true.

If you shower a little bit of love and affection then you will see that he is same emotional human being like all others.

Lastly, you should accept him the way he is and not try to change him. Attempting to change him will hurt him and make him insecure.

make him commit

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