How To Impress A Guy Fast – 7 Secret Tips


Are you finding it difficult to make a guy notice you? Sometimes dating can be much harder than what you may have imagined. You may have tried several things but still don’t know how to impress a guy fast.

The real thing is to find out what impresses a guy and not go by what you think may impress him. Your perception of things may be very different from reality.

If you know the guy then try and find out little bit about him. If he is a stranger then take clues from the way he dresses, the places he visits, how he holds himself and how he behaves with people around him.

how to impress a guy

If you take the right steps then impressing a guy is not rocket science. He may soon become interested in you, ask for a date and become your boyfriend.

Here are some tips on how to impress a guy fast and leave a lasting impression on him. These tried and tested tips have helped a lot of women.

Be Yourself

The first important thing that you need to remember is to be yourself and not try to fake it. Many women think that they have to fake things and pretend in order to get the attention of men, but that is far from truth.

He is going to like you and get impressed fast if you are honest and forthright. It would be perfectly ok if you don’t like the sport he plays or if you disagree with him on particular topic.

However if you pretend and try to fake things then he is going to find that out soon and you may end up losing his trust.

You need to impress him with who you really are and not the phony person that you are pretending to be.

If he is not impressed by the real qualities that you possess, then he may not the right guy for you.

Don’t Appear Desperate

Most men are not impressed by women who are in desperate need of a man.

A man needs to see you as an independent woman in order to fall in love with you.

Let him see the qualities skills you possess like the sports you play, your hobbies, your job, the arts work you do and so on.

Once he notices that you have a life of your own and can find happiness on your own, and then he will surely get impressed.

An independent woman is always going to be liked by a man because there is less pressure on him to fulfill many of the basic things. And this can mean a lot to a guy.

How To Impress A Guy By Dressing Perfectly

A perfectly dressed woman surely makes a few heads to turn and this is no secret. If you are trying to attract a man or if you are already dating him, make sure that you wear clothes that fit you properly and suit your personality.

This does not mean that you need to wear only expensive party clothes and appear like a doll.

smart dress

Take feedback and opinion of your friends and relatives about the kind of clothes that suits you the best.

Simple and nice looking clothes along with a little bit of makeup should be good enough.

Men like natural looks and therefore avoid too much of makeup.

Have A Positive Body Language

You body language can make or break things for you and this is especially true with relationship matters.

A positive attitude and body language will attract him fast and in no time he would be asking you out for the second date.

With a positive body language he is going to come closer to you and decrease the space between you two.

Some of the things that send out positive signals are – smiling, extended eye contact, arms open, playfully fondling hair etc.

Avoid things like frowning, scratching your nose, closed hands, arms crossed, legs crossed, itching eyes and turning your eyes away. These are all negative body language signals.

Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Humor is one more secret weapon that can do wonders when you are trying to impress a man. A good sense of humor will make him notice your intelligence.

Humor also works as a great tool to break the awkward silence that can appear sometimes when the two of you are new and shy.


If you crack a joke to break the silence then it is going to work to your advantage. You will be able to continue with the conversation with him and soon the two of you will become relaxed and comfortable with each other.

Be A Good Listener

If you really want to impress a guy fast then you should be listening to him closely when he is talking.

If you understand the subject he is talking about then you should acknowledge it by nodding your head.

If you don’t understand what he is talking about then be bold and ask him to explain things in simpler words so that you understand him.

Once he notices that you are interested in knowing things that he talks about, he will surely appreciate your humor and clarity of thought.

Be Confident

If you really like a guy and want to get his attention by impressing him then your self confidence is extremely essential.

Be bold and have the confidence to walk up to him and say hello.

When an attractive and well dressed up woman walks up to a man and says hello confidently, in all likelihood he is going to reciprocate and things will move forward.

Don’t be shy and wait for things to happen. Be confident, without appearing desperate and things will work out well for you. At least you won’t be left wondering about how to impress a guy you like.

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