How Guys Feel After They Break Up With Their Girlfriend


No one can get over a relationship break up fast. Your guy may have broken up with you, but that does not mean that he was not devastated. He may have got hurt the same way you feel hurt.

He may not show his emotions and feelings to the external world, but that does not mean he is not hurt by the separation.

He may give you the impression that he does not miss you or he has moved on, but the reality is that no one can get over a relationship that fast.

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A feeling of hurt is part of the human nature. There are several ways in which guys behave after a breakup.

In this article we present to you truths about how guys feel after they break up with their girlfriend.

Break Ups Impact Men As Much As Women

You may hear many things like men don’t feel hurt after a break up. But the fact is, just like anyone else, men also feel emotional.

They react in different ways. These reactions include confusion, anger, sadness, depression, feelings of failure, self-doubt and others.

The key difference is that men tend to hide their emotions and not reveal it to the world for a long time.

According to experts, men are stubborn and will hide their feelings even under extremely difficult situations.

This is much to do with the alpha male characteristics. Men want to give an impression that they are in control of things.

Whereas, when a girl gets dumped, she is not afraid to reveal everything in the open. By sharing the emotions, they start the healing process quickly.

According to one study that was done with thousands of men and women after breakup, it was found that men follow destructive strategies to maintain their self-esteem.

The study also found that generally women pursue constructive strategies after a breakup because of their tendency to preserve a relationship.

Further, the study found that the constructive strategies followed by women help them to become emotionally stronger compared to men.

Here are some of the common ways in which guys behave after a breakup.

I Don’t Care Attitude

He may give you a feeling that the breakup had no effect on him, but this is just a simple way to cope with things.

Why do men act like they don’t care after a breakup?

Because they want to you to think that they are strong, independent and macho.

Normally the guys who give an impression that they don’t care about you or the break up, are actually the ones who really care about you deep inside.

Men hate to admit their feelings and emotions openly to the outside world.

A guys behavior after breakup like this is common and you can see many guys taking this route.

i dont care behaviour

Ignore You Completely

Although it is not always easy to ignore a person with whom you have spent a lot of time but some men will adopt the totally ignore attitude towards you.

If your ex-boyfriend does not talk to you or text your or call you on phone then it is possible that he still has those lingering feelings for you, but he just wants to bury those feelings.

The men who adopt this strategy on breakup normally do so to overcome the hurt caused by the separation.

By seeing and talking to you after the breakup, his hurt feelings only get deeper.

Therefore he will do all that he can to avoid you totally. This kind of behavior will make you think – do guys think about their ex after a breakup?

Behaves Like A Jerk

Some men will be angry, rude, argumentative and nasty after the breakup.

This type of behavior is seen when a guy wants to hurt you because he has got hurt.

If you see the guy is extremely angry then it means that he was extremely hurt by the breakup.

Again this is a true reflection of how guys feel after they break up with their girlfriend and how deeply they are hurt.

According to relationship experts, when a person becomes emotionally vulnerable due to the anxiety and feelings of the breakup, they start attacking the person who has caused these emotions.

The only way for a woman to protect from this kind of behavior is to maintain distance. Another important thing to remember is not to take his insults or rants personally.

feelings of hurt

Friendly Behavior

Some men will not cut off the ties completely and will be friendly with you, although they don’t want to have a relationship with you.

It is possible that the guy does not have romantic feelings for you but still wants to be friendly with you.

According to one study, the main reason for an ex to be friendly is security. This means that he does not want to lose your emotional support, trust or advice.

The second reason men are friendly after the breakup is because they want to be polite and considerate towards their ex’s feelings.

The third reason some guys maintain friendship is for simple practical reasons like managing common friends, pets, children etc.

Fourth reason some people maintain friendly relationship with their ex is because they still have romantic feelings for them and cannot imagine their ex being with someone else.

The reasons for remaining friendly can be many. Perhaps, it may be that he still likes you as a person buy not for romantic relationship.

Immediate New Relationship

Some guys may get attached to a new girlfriend immediately after the breakup.

This could be to avoid the feelings of hurt or to avoid dealing with self or to boost self-esteem and other such reasons.

This type of relationship is called the rebound relationship.

You will find both men and women getting into this type of relationship after a break up. However it is much common with men.

Getting into a new relationship does not mean that emotions and feelings from the previous relationship get erased automatically.

Men get into rebound relationship so that they can signal to the world and to themselves that I’m ok, my feelings have not slowed me down and I’m strong.

Some men get into new relationship immediately in order to hurt their ex-girlfriend.

The main purpose of doing this is to cause hurt to the ex. This gives you totally different idea about how guys feel after they break up with their girlfriend.

Men who bury their feelings and move on to a new relationship find that their feelings come back to haunt them even in the new relationship.

This is why it is often said that men never truly and fully move on after a breakup.

Because men carry hurt feelings from the previous relationship, many of the rebound relationships end in a failure.


Final Conclusions – How Guys Feel After They Break Up With Their Girlfriend

Both men and women experience the hurt feelings after a breakup.

Men are not properly equipped to handle a breakup because they have been taught to appear strong and in control.

Therefore men do not display their emotions and they don’t discuss breakup matters openly.

Women on the other hand, share their grief and raw emotions with family and friends.

They spend significant time in healing rather than dating someone new.

According to a study in 2011, the best way to deal with a breakup, both for men and women, is to have a new relationship.

However it should not be rebound relationship, but a relationship that is established after getting over the feelings of the previous breakup.

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