12 Emotional Attraction Signs That Will Reveal The Truth


The only way to build a long-term relationship with a guy is by building attraction. Here I’m talking about emotional attraction and not physical attraction.

If he exhibits the emotional attraction signs then you can surely expect him to commit sometime in the near future.

When a man gets attracted towards you, the initial attraction is always physical attraction.

Since men are visual creatures, your looks can get him interested initially. However looking good alone cannot keep him interested for a long time.

emotional attraction signs

Real attraction is much more than physical attraction.

You may be a really gorgeous lady, but still some guys may not really find you attractive enough.

This is why you may have noticed that really gorgeous women always tend to have relationship problems. So clearly, looks alone cannot get you a happy and long lasting relationship.

The second stage of chemistry between a man and woman is called the emotional attraction.

This is the type of attraction that will help in taking the relationship to the next level. This type of attraction is important for getting the commitment from him.

When you notice the emotional attraction signs, then it means he may stay interested and fall in love with you.

The sequence of events is as follows – initial lust, physical attraction followed by the emotional attraction.

Physical Attraction Fades Over Time

Initially he may like you based on good looks. However with time, he may get used to seeing the same person. And looks may not be able to keep the relationship going.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that all of us grow old and develop wrinkles.

Therefore, you may not look all that great after some time. Your looks may not be enough to keep the other person attracted to you.

Only a deep connection at the emotional level will help in keeping the attraction forever.

Once you know how attraction works, it is easy to see emotional attraction if you know what to look for.

Here are some simple signs that tell you that your guy has a deep connection with you.

Signs Of Emotional Attraction

He Talks To You For Hours

When a man is really interested in establishing a long term relationship with you he will spend a lot of time talking to you.

talks for long hours

He may talk a lot when he is with you personally or over a phone call or over computer chat.

Generally speaking, men tend to talk much less compared to women. Of course, there are exceptions.

Therefore when a guy talks to you for hours over the phone, it is a clear indication that he has strong emotional feeling for you and wants to establish a deep connection with you.

This means that your minds naturally sync on various topics that you talk about.

No man would talk to a woman for hours for sexual purpose.

If he is the one who initiated these calls, then it is a fool proof test to confirm the emotional attraction.

His Sense Of Humor Matches Your

If his sense of humor matches yours, then it is very obvious that there is a deep connection between the two of you. Your good sense of humor will make you more likable and attractive.

Good humor can make a person feel very happy and add sparks to relationships. It can easily lighten up things in a relationship.

He Introduces You To Family And Friends

If a guy is not serious about the relationship, in all likelihood, he will try to keep the relationship under the wraps and not talk about it.

If he is really into you, then he is going to talk about you to his friends and family. He will want to show off that he has a great girl with him.

This is one of the sure shot emotional attractions signs that he really likes you and wants to commit to you.

intro to family and friends

Unless something really goes wrong you can be sure of having a long lasting relationship with him.

He Asks For Your Opinion

Normally you would have seen that men rarely take the opinion from the opposite sex, whether it is personal, official, or any other matter.

However, if he values your opinion and seeks your advice then you should really feel great about it.

If he wants to know your thoughts and opinion on something then it surely means he likes the way you think. He respects your thought and that’s why he is asking you.

Now if he takes your opinion and then correctly applies it, and then tells you about it, then it means he is head over heels in love with you. This is nothing but pure emotional attraction.

He Stands Up For You

If you notice that your man stands up for you and defends you even if someone is talking ill or badmouthing, then he is attracted to you emotionally.

Even if his own family members find some faults with you, he will stand up to protect you. This happens because he loves you and does not want to let you down with his family members.

He Tries To Bond With You


Another important sign of deep emotional connection is when he does everything possible to spend time with you. This is because hanging out with you makes him happy.

He will somehow find time from work so that he can go with you shopping. He will want to go out with you for dinner and spend the night with you.

If his attraction was only physical, then he will not have the patience to spend time for unrelated activities like going to a movie or friends get together.

He Is With You Even When All Is Not Well

If your guy sticks with you even during bad times then he is surely attached to you deeply. I’m talking of situations like you losing your job or having financial problems at home.

It is all easy when things go well and smooth sailing. If he is there with you when you hit a rough patch or when you need him badly, then he surely is emotionally connected to you.

If he understands your feelings when you lose a job and tries to pacify you with kind words, then surely he cares for you. He may even support you financially until you get a new job.

Anyone who does not have long term plans will of course run away the moment he sees things getting bad.

He Discusses Personal Things With You

Generally you will not see men discussing personal matters with anyone. From the childhood days men learn not to express emotions, because it is not masculine.

Surely, this is not a healthy practice because these emotions will pile up and cause havoc some day.

Now, if your man opens up to you and discusses personal things, then it is surely a sign that he really loves you.

Furthermore, it can be said that this is one of the best emotional attraction signs that you depend on.

These personal things could be about his childhood days, the relationship between his mother and father and so on.

He Puts Your Needs Above His Own Needs


If he is really in love with you then he is going to give priority to your needs, even ahead of his own needs.

He will go out of the way to satisfy your needs so that you are happy and content.

What this practically means is that he will skip his weekend football session with friends so that he can be with you when you go shopping for Christmas or any other occasion.

By doing nice things for you he is just communicating his intense attraction signs.

He Keeps You In The Loop

One of the signs he’s emotionally attached to you is when he regularly keeps you in the loop for various things.

For example, if he was getting late for the dinner by 45 minutes then he will let you know that he is late and apologizes for the delay.

Although, 45 minutes is not a big delay, but the fact that he is calling you and keeping you in the loop is a sign that he really cares for you.

By informing you he is showing that he considers you to be an important person in his life.

This will also ensure that you don’t think that something else is more important to him.

When a man is deeply connected to you he will never leave you hanging.

If he does such things regularly then surely he is into you.

He Misses You When He Is Away

A man can shower all the love on you when he is with you. But what happens when he is away from you? Does he remember you? Does he miss you? Does he try to reach out to you?

he misses you

If he disappears for days and then comes back and says sorry to you, then probably he is not serious about the relationship.

However, if he is in regular touch with you over phone and text messages, then it means he really thinks about you even when away.

He need not think about you every minute, because that is not really a healthy thing, but rather obsession.

However if he gets in touch with you daily with text messages, emails and other interesting information or articles, then it means he gets those emotional attraction triggers every day. And this is a good sign for you.

He Notices Minute Details

Does your man notice things that others don’t or perhaps even you don’t?

These are small details like how you express yourself, how you interact with others, how you process information, how you respond to difficult questions and so on.

After noticing those minute details, he may appreciate the good things and even tell you some of your drawbacks.

He is pointing the drawbacks because he cares for you and wants you to correct those flaws.

For a moment you may feel bad when he points out the drawbacks.

But when you realize those drawbacks yourself, you will thank him for pointing those little details.

Again this is one of the best emotional attraction signs because only when he is connected to you at a deep level he will reveal the good and the bad.

If you are struggling to read your man’s mind, then these tips should help you to find out his true intentions.

You will also come to know if your man has a deep connection with you at the emotional level.

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