7 Ways To Get Him to Kiss You


So, you have been dating someone for a while now. You really feel that there exists a mutual attraction between the two of you.

He smiles at you, drops you at home and says that he had a great time with you, but does not kiss you yet. And you are still wondering about how to get him to kiss you?

You see, it all depends on the type of a guy. Some guys are bold and macho and would kiss you on the first date itself.

Some guys are shy and feel awkward to kiss a girl. With the shy type of guy, you may have to lure the guy to get to kiss you.

Waiting to get that first kiss can be nerve-wracking for you. But for a shy guy, it can be even more nerve-wracking to kiss you.

how to get him to kiss you

But there is nothing to worry about, because there are ways to get a guy to kiss you.

But before you try out some of techniques that we are going to discuss it’s important that you make sure that your lips are kissable without cracks. Also try and avoid that dark red lipstick because he may not want to get his lips painted with dark red color.

You also want to wear attractive clothes with some jewelry and makeup. If you look dazzling then he may find it difficult to resist you. He may make the move before the date ends.

So, let’s discuss some of the techniques that can help you:

Stare At His Lips: When talking to him you can stare at his lips and this would give him a subtle nonverbal cue. Even in case he does not pick it up consciously, he is going to pick up this signal subconsciously.

He is soon going to realize that not only do you like him a lot, but you would even like him to come close and kiss you.

Draw Attention Towards Your Lips: Another way to get a guy to kiss you is by way of drawing attention towards your lips.

Putting on a bold lipstick may be one way of drawing attention towards your lips.

Or if he asks you a question that needs a bit of thinking, then you can put your hands at the side of your mouth, just to pretend that you are thinking and this will draw his attention.

When he stares, you can gently bite your lower lip and this should send him a signal. You don’t want to appear weird when doing this. That’s why you should make it appear as if you were biting the lower lip because it was dry.

draw attention towards your lips

Increase Physical Contact: One of the best ways to get him to kiss you is by breaking the touch barrier. Sometimes even when you are sitting close to each other, mentally you may be miles apart. So building up the physical chemistry by touching him will get him attracted to you.

Touch his shoulders, brush his hands or fingers and these things will flare up his desire for you and he may come close and kiss you.

Lingering: Men who go for a date do realize that there is some action expected of them at the end. So, if he has not kissed you yet, then either he is not interested or you have not given him enough cues to do so.

You can linger the date for a while and see if he makes the move. If he is interested and intelligent enough then he may soon make the move. Lingering a date is an age old technique to get your boyfriend to kiss you.

Hug Him: Giving a warm and tight hug is going to decrease the distance between the two of you and also lift some pressure of him so that he can make the move.

If it is the first date then you can hug him at the end of the date and say that I’m a hugger. When you hug, just hold on for a minute or two and look into his eyes and tell him that you had a great time. This will send out the message to him clearly as to what you want.


Remove His Fear Of Rejection: Sometimes a guy may really like you and want to kiss you, but the fear of rejection may stop him from doing so.

If you can make out that he wants to kiss then you can use your body language to let him know that you welcome his advances.

This will remove the fear in his mind and he may make the move.

Ask Him To Kiss You: If you have been dating for some time then you know that he is interested and that’s why you are there together again.

If he is the shy type of guy then he may still be hesitant. You can make him overcome the hesitation by asking him – So, when are you going to kiss me? This is the simplest question to ask in order to get a guy to kiss you.

After you ask, he will realize that you are interested. And if he is also interested then he will get relieved of the pressure and he will make the move.

Now, after all this, if he still doesn’t make the move then you know where you stand and you can stop waiting for this guy to make the move.

ask him to kiss you

Bottom-Line: How to Get Him to Kiss You Let’s acknowledge the fact that kissing a woman is not the easiest thing to do for a man dating for the first time. He is going to have the fear of rejection and that’s why he must be restraining himself.

The easiest way to get him to kiss you is by removing the fear in his mind by setting the right tone that lets him know that it is green signal from you.

After you set the right tone, if he still does not make the move, then chances are that he may not do it.

There is not point in pushing him to make the move forcefully when he is not interested. You will end up with the feeling of rejection and humiliation.

If you know your guy well and if he is really interested in you, then all the cues should be good enough for him to take the relationship to the next level.

make him commit

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