7 Tips To Flirt With a Guy Over Text Without Making It Obvious


In this age of mobile devices we all need to have the skills to flirt with a guy over text messages in order to improve our relationships.

Before you can learn the skills and master them it is important to define as to what is involved in flirting with text messages.

To flirt with a guy over text actually means sending bantering, humorous or teasing text to a guy using mobile text messaging with the purpose of attracting the guy.

You may flirt with the guy in order to draw his attention so that he sees you as a potential partner or to rekindle love in an existing relationship or as part of the courtship process.

Flirting over text messages can be a useful tool in the love and relationship game irrespective of whether you are trying to date someone or you are already in a relationship.

Flirt With a Guy Over Text

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can make a guy fall in love with you or get sexually attracted to you by using texts.

Before you start sending texts it is important that you don’t appear to be the only one doing all the flirting.

When a guy comes to know that you like him and you are interested in him, then he can take you for granted.

Flirting with text messages can be a lot of fun when you make it appear like he is the one who is trying to seduce you.

Now that we have understood the process, the next step is to understand the best ways to flirt with a guy over text without making it obvious.

Here are some proven tips that can greatly help you.

Be Subtle: The idea should be raise his interest without revealing too much. The text should show your fun and naughty side without appearing to be excessive.

The texting should be restrained and tasteful so that he can share it with his friends without worrying about any kind of embarrassment.

Make Use Of Smileys: Sometimes you just need a smiley face along with a wink to say “hello” for starting a conversation.

By making use of flirty and fun smileys in your text you will also able to make him smile. Try and include a smiley in your texts always in order to keep the other person smiling and interested.

Arouse His Interest: You want to send him texts that arouse interest in you. Don’t try to text naughty stuff directly to him. Make use of indirect methods to arouse his interest like – “I’m trying out a new dress” or “I’m taking a warm water bath” and stuff like that.

This will make him think dirty without you sending him any dirty text directly. This is one of the best ways to flirt with a guy over text without making it obvious that you are sending any dirty flirty texts.

If you do text flirt in an obvious manner then it will make it easy for him, while you do all the hard work of flirting.

Mention His Name In Your Texts: By making use of his name in the text messages, you add a personal and intimate touch.

This is going to give a huge boost to his ego. He is going to have warm feelings for you and he will start to think more about you.

Texts like “I just remembered the funny and hilarious picture you posted on facebook” etc. will make him think about you and then he may try to please you and win your attention.

You should also compliment him once in a while in your text messages. All human beings like to be complemented. He is going to love the complements from you. In return he may try to do something nice for you.

Find out what your guy likes and use your creativity when composing the texts. You can also search the internet to get your creative juices flowing.

Be Moderate: Don’t try to bombard him with flirty text messages all throughout the day. Bombarding many messages may actually bother him instead of making it a pleasurable experience.

The idea is to make him read your text messages and think romantically about you. If you send too many messages then he may not read them and actually trash them.

To get the maximum effect you need to strategically time your texts so that he is able to read them and he keeps thinking about you in his mind. If you really want to flirt with a guy over text then you need to keep things interesting and avoid boring him.

Don’t Text Him With Last Minute Plans: Texting him to join you for a coffee at a very short notice may piss him off after a while.

He may join you the first few times when you do send him a text with a short notice to meet.

However you need to remember that he has his own life and may have several other things to do.

He may not have the spare time to meet you all the time at a short notice. Flirting over text is fine, but unreasonable short notice meeting demands may not work.


Don’t Be Clingy: If a guy is not responding to your text messages then don’t try to send him repeated texts, even if they are funny. A guy would not respond if he is busy or if he is not interested in the conversation. There is not point in trying to push him to respond.

If a guy is interested and wants to impress you, then he will respond back in a flash if he is not busy with something else.


Remember that flirting is an art and you need to practice it in order to become perfect.

By following the guidelines given in this article you can start to flirt effectively.

Start in a moderate way and do not lose hope if the first few attempts to flirt with a guy over text don’t work out well.

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