7 Tips To Find the Man of Your Dreams


For a lot of women the process of finding the man of their dreams may appear to be a daunting task which would need a lot of time, effort and error before they find some success.

When you find someone and start to date, you do it with the hope that he is the right guy. But things may not work out all the times.

Often you would invest a lot of time and effort to build the relationship and then you would see the relationship ending, leaving you with a lot of pain and a broken heart.

Believe me, I understand this because I have seen this happening with a lot of women whom I’ve helped with in relationship matters in the past. I’ve also seen many women who have successfully found, attracted and kept their dream man as well as women who have been unsuccessful.

But let me tell you that it is not difficult to find the man of your dreams if you know the exact steps to get success. You need a proven plan that will help you save years of anguish and pain.

Find the Man of Your Dreams

Catching your dream man has nothing to do with your luck and it all depends on your willingness to learn the proper skills and master them to perfection. You need to shift your focus and do all that is required to become a man magnet.

In this article I’m going to share with you some tips that are proven to work. These tips are based on real life experiences and not just from books that give you logic and theory.

Self Introspection

The very first step to find the man of your dreams is to do a self introspection. You’ll have to be honest with yourself and determine who you are. You’ve to find out all about the unique person you are without attempting to make up things.

This process will help you to find your strengths and weaknesses. If losing temper is a weakness for you then you’ll have to work on anger management. If you consume a lot of alcohol or if you smoke a lot then you’ll have to take steps to cut down or probably give up both these habits.

Of course there will things that you are good at, which you can improve further. Like you may be good a good listener and a public speaker.

Then there will be certain things that you may not be able to change, those you’ll have to accept and embrace them.

Be Confident And Self Sufficient

As a woman you should try to be happy and confident. Men are normally attracted by women who are confident. Also try to be self sufficient and not depend on others for your personal things. This will help you in achieving a lot many goals in your life.

If you had any bad experience from your past relationship you should try to forget it and focus on the future. There is no point in thinking about the hurt and resentment from the past relationship. Remembering the past will only make it more difficult for you to attract your dream man.

Qualities And Characteristics Of Your Dream Man

Next you should make a list of qualities and characteristics that you are looking for in your dream man. It is best to have just about 3 to 5 top qualities that you want in him. You should also make a list of things that you don’t want to compromise when looking for your dream man.

Once you have identified the qualities, the next step is to find out the places where men with such qualities hang around.

Best Place To Find the Man of Your Dreams

Some of the places where you can find the man of your dreams are – a club, dinner party, swimming pool, football matches , volunteer groups, local bookstore, library, online dating sites, work place, park and many other places.

Improve Your Looks And Apperance

You will also need to improve your appearance by dressing smartly and wearing clothes that are in fashion in order to attract men.

Ideally you should wear clothes that men like and appreciate and not the type of clothes that is popular with other women.

You are dressing to find the man of your dreams not to impress other women and friends.

Make sure that your hair looks good and you have a makeup that suits your personality.

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First Date

On your first date be a good listener and let him do all the talking. Go prepared with a list of 5 to 10 interesting questions to fall back on in case you run out of ideas to discuss and talk during the date.

You can easily make him the center of attention by asking intelligent open ended questions and listening to the answers he provides.

Ask the questions about his interests, family and friends in such a way that it doesn’t appear as if you are probing him or interrogating him. Finally don’t forget to talk about the second date.

Final Step To Find the Man of Your Dreams

Make sure that you understand each other properly at a personal level before you decide to move quickly into a relationship.

Don’t get into a position where he just takes you for granted and uses you for sex. This is one mistake that a lot of women commit, but you should avoid it at all cost.

This one wrong step will make you weak and you may have to compromise on several other things.

Be friendly with him and take things slowly without pressurizing him. This is how you can make him want you. He is more likely to make a commitment in the future if you move slow and steady without putting any pressure.

Remember that you are there to have fun, relax and know each other better.

Communicate with him using words and also by way of action so that both of you understand each others needs.

Bottom Line

Let’s be clear about one thing – you are not going to find the man of your dreams who meets 100% of your expectations.

If he meets 80% of the qualities and characteristics that you are looking for, that should be fine.

If the remaining 20% of his qualities and characteristics are not from the “don’t want to compromise” list then you are good to move ahead.

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