7 Sure Fire Signs He Is Going To Propose Soon


Is your boyfriend acting darn strange? His behavior may actually surprise you if he is going to offer you the wedding ring soon.

If you are not sure then let me tell you that you can watch out for certain hints and signals that he will display, before he makes the move. Read on to learn about the surefire signs he is going to propose soon.

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He Will Try To Find Out Your Opinion About Settling Down

Before he proposes, you may see him steering a conversation towards marriage. He will try and find out your opinion about settling down and having a long term relationship.

He may talk about having kids. He will even try to find out your feelings towards him. And if he is convinced with your answers, then he may propose to you.

If the only thing that your boyfriend enjoyed at weddings was drinks, and then all of a sudden you may find that he starts enjoying other people’s weddings more than ever before, it is possible that this change in attitude is because he is planning for his own wedding.

He Will Show Signs Of Already Possessing You

A man who is about to propose to a woman will behave in certain manner to show off to the world that you already belong to him.

You may see more gestures of love and affection by him in the open. In fact, don’t be surprised if he talks to others about setting down with you.

He may appear a bit confused, nervous, panicked and sweaty at times, because he needs to be sure that you are going to answer in positive, when he proposes.

Therefore he will try to find out your thoughts about the two of you getting together, using indirect methods, before he makes the proposal.

He Will Start To Talk About The Future

Initially when you started dating him you would have found him to be commitment phobic. But now since he is planning to marry you, he may try and explain to you about the advantages of marriage and settling down.

The only way for him to find out if you are on the same page as him as far as marriage is concerned, is to talk about the future and then observe your response.

Because he is excited, he may become impatient and start to talk about settling down. He may share with you some of things that he wants to do in the future and see whether those things excite you.

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He may try and find out where you see yourself in five years. He may try and find your opinion about buying a home. These are all signs he is going to propose soon and settle down with you in life.

You may even notice him taking financial issues more seriously because in the future he is not going to be a bachelor. Not only does he need to save money for the engagement ring, but he may also have to look at mortgage rates and investments. He needs to have finances in place so that he can take care of the future of the family.

He May Become More Intimate And Possessive

If he has already made up his mind, then he is going to be more intimate and possessive about you.

He will be more devoted and loving because he starts to see you as his wife and not just his girlfriend.

While being possessive he will be very gentle and would not do anything that will displease you.

He can only propose when he is 100% sure of an affirmative answer from you, therefore you may even find your man cooking dinner or making bed for you. He may try to do some of the domestic things for you in order to seal the deal.

He Will Take You Home To Meet His Family

If he seriously wants to marry you and make you his wife then he would take you to his home and introduce you to his family members.

Since you would part of the family going forward, he would like to see how you get along with other members.

This would be the best time for him to let his family members know about his choice for marriage.

And if he is the traditional guy then he may want to meet your parents and get their consent also before he proposes to you.

So if you see that your father and your boyfriend are buddy-buddy then he may have spoken to him already.

He Will Prepare For The Proposal

If he is planning to make you his wife then he would like to do it in style so that you remember the event.

You may see him making enquiries and trying to make bookings for the proposal day. He may try and make a booking at one of the romantic hotels or restaurants so that it remains a memorable event for both of you.

He may even plan a weekend trip to a nice location where the two of you can have some nice private time. These are all simple signs he is going to propose soon.

He Will Find Out Your Choice And Preferences

It is quite normal for a guy who is thinking of proposing to find out from the girl her choice of wedding.

He may try to find out whether you want to get married in June, what kind of jewelry you like, whether you like a simple church wedding or a lavish one.

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If you find him asking these questions then these are sure fire signs he is going to propose soon.

Conclusions – 7 sure fire signs he is going to propose soon

Watch him closely and observer if you can see some of these signals coming from him. The more close you get to the proposal day, you will see more of these signals.

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