7 Reasons Why Men Have Affairs


Thousands of women face the predicament of being cheated on by their man every day. If your man has cheated on you then you are not alone. But the real question is why men have affairs?

If you think he cheated because the other woman was prettier, younger and sexier then you are wrong.

Usually the primary reason why men have affairs is not appearance, looks or beauty of the other woman.

With a divorce rate of 50%, it is definitely worthwhile to find out the real reasons why men have affairs so that you can take the steps to make a man want you and fall in love with you. And then he will never ever think of cheating on you.

According to a survey, almost 90% of men who cheated said they did it because of emotional disconnection with their wife or partner.

why men have affairs

Now this may appear unbelievable because society has always painted men as not being emotional creatures. But the fact is men are as emotional as women.

Just because men don’t exhibit emotions or they don’t talk to you about it or they don’t appear emotional does not mean they don’t have emotions.

The primary reason men don’t exhibit emotions is because it will make them appear weak and un-masculine. And a weak man appears less attractive to women.

This misconception about men often prevents us from unraveling the real truth and real reasons as to why men have emotional affairs.

Given below are some of the important reasons why married men cheat and have affairs:

Appreciation: One of the top emotional factors that make men cheat on is lack of appreciation by the partner. A fast paced life, work, children, schooling, bills and other things prevents partners from appreciating each other.

And when the other woman makes him feel better, admired and appreciated, he starts to drift away because he senses the respect and value he is getting.

In order to save a relationship you can make him feel as if he is winning the things that he does for you and the family. This way he will feel appreciated and would not look at having an affair.

Even otherwise, it is a good practice to appreciate each others good work. This will help in keeping both the partners motivated.

Now lets discuss the second important reason for why men have affairs and cheat on their partner.


Attention: Many men cheat their wives or girlfriends because they don’t get all the attention they expect. When they don’t get the attention at home, they start to look elsewhere.

When the other woman talks to him more, listens to him and allows him to express his feelings, then he puts a very high price on this. He is surprised and attracted to the new woman when she is interested in his work, stories, plans and dreams.

For preventing him from having an affair you can always spend a little more time with him, listening to him and his stories rather than working late at office.

Power: Men always like to keep power and control in a relationship. When they see the power equation shifting in a relationship, they can try to regain lost power by cheating on a woman.

If you are in a high powered job with higher salary, it can easily disturb your man.

He may appear appreciative and proud, but power can easily unsettle the best of men. If not handled with tact and maturity things can wrong. He may feel that he is being criticized and under appreciated.

You will have to be tactful and sensitive when you talk about your job, designation, paycheck, investments and purchases with him.

This does not mean that you should not take-up a high profile job or ask for a demotion or quit your job. Just don’t criticize his job or salary. Don’t give him a feeling that you are competing with him.

Lack of Passion And Love: In many of the relationships love and romance takes a backseat after the initial honeymoon period.

After 4 – 5 years, couples don’t go out on dates or watch a movie together. Life becomes monotonous with routine things like talking about bills, having dinner watching TV and microwave cooked food. This is also one of the key reasons why married men have affairs.

Sometimes a woman may get totally disinterested in sex and this can also lead to dissatisfaction for the man. This is why it is important to rekindle love and romance periodically, especially if it is a strong and old relationship.

Doing things other than the normal routine will help in spicing up the relationship. You should go out on dates, eat out in the restaurants once in a while and watch a movie in the theatre. Do these simple things and you will never have to wonder why men have affairs?

Men are like children and they like fun loving and outgoing woman. Therefore it is important that you have some fun activities other than the routine stuff. Otherwise he may start to look at the girl or woman next door for fun and attention.

Financial Burden Of Divorce: If a man is not happy with the relationship, but does not want to take the financial and legal burden of divorce, then he may resort to cheating on you.

Normally a man is the primary earning member in the family and he is the one who provides money for bills, schooling, housing and other expenses. Women generally take care of home and raise children. Of course, this may not be true in all the families.

A proper divorce will involve separation of assets and custody matter which a man may not want to do because he will have to take a substantial financial hit.

He may not want to part with his hard earned money. The easy way for him to come out of the unhappy situation would be to cheat on his wife.

Ego Boost: We all know that men like to hunt and chase a woman for fun. When they get attention from a new woman, it provides a boost to their ego and makes then feel valued.

Therefore if a man does not get the ego boost at home he may go out and chase a new woman and experience all the thrill and fun.


Revenge: Another very surprising reason why men have affairs is to take revenge from their wives for cheating on them.

If their wife had an affair they often resort to a tit for tat strategy and thereby get an easy justification for cheating.

The Bottom Line:

Several prominent authors and magazines have indicated emotional dissatisfaction as the prime reason for men cheating.

With this knowledge, women can put in the extra effort to be that other woman at home for him, and provide him the much required appreciation and attention that he is looking forward every day, at home, so that he is not tempted to look elsewhere.

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