7 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid Of Commitment


You have been dating a guy for some time and want to take the relationship to the next level but he is ok with where he is currently.

There’s a good chance that he would have indicated to you indirectly, his reluctance to move forward.

Otherwise you can ask him directly as to what’s stopping him. Again you may not get a straight forward answer from him.

What do you do now? Why men are afraid of commitment? There are several reasons he may be reluctant to commit for a long term relationship or marriage. However here are few of the top reasons for his fear of commitment. Given below are some of the top reasons.

He Is Not Sure If You Are The Right Match For Him

He may still be having doubts in his mind whether you are the correct woman for him or not. This doubt can come up in his mind because of several reasons.

Even though he has been dating you for some time still he may be feeling that something is missing in the relationship. Only when he is 100% convinced in his heart that you are right woman in his life, he may move to the next level.

In case he is not sure about your feelings for him then also he may be reluctant to move forward.

This is why it is important that you are clear and straightforward in communicating your feelings for him.

Half hearted attempts will only create doubts in his mind and act as a roadblock.

Only when is very sure that you have similar feelings to what he has, he will take the bold step forward.

Men Afraid Of Commitment
His Bad Past Experience May Be Stopping Him

If a man gets hurt in a relationship after making a commitment, then it is possible that he would be afraid of commitment.

Women normally share their grief and feelings with other friends and overcome the feeling of hurt.

However men normally keep the hurt inside and never share the details of the happenings with anyone.

They would think through and make up their mind that the problem happened because they committed and therefore they will be very reluctant to do the same mistake again.

If a man has seen several other marriages of friends and relatives that resulted in a breakup, then he may fear a marriage and avoid it.

He Does Not Want To Lose His Identity

Many men are afraid of commitment because they think that when they commit to a woman she may try you push them and bring about the changes she likes.

This means that the man would lose his identity in order to stratify the likes of a woman. And once a man imagines the kind of changes he may have to go through, the fear of commitment is bound to creep in.

If a man feels that his respect and identity in the society that would change after his marriage, then he may try to avoid the long term relationship.

commitment phobic
He May Have Fear Of Losing Freedom

Some men do not like the idea of losing their freedom by getting tied down to one woman.

These are men who want to have some fun time rather than getting into a serious relationship.

They may want to date several women before they make up their mind for a long term commitment or a marriage.

He may not want to give up the freedom and get bogged down by the duties and responsibilities that come along in a long term relationship.

He may see a problem in pursuing his hobbies and being with his friends once he makes a commitment. And this may result in him becoming commitment phobic.

He Fears Your High Expectations

If you are the type of woman who sets very high standards and expects a lot from your guy, then he may have the fear that he may be unable to meet your high expectations.

If you scrutinize everything closely and want perfection in everything, then the fear of not meeting such high standards is bound to dominate his mind. And this may force him to stop the movement to the next level.

He May Be Afraid of Commitment Due To The Financial Burden

If a man is not in a very sound financial position, then he may have the fear of not being able to provide a good future to his wife and children.

All the financial responsibilities that come along with a marriage may stop him from making a decision in the forward direction.

A man who truly loves a woman would always want to meet all the wants and requirements of his woman. If he is not sound financially, then he may want to wait for a while for things to improve.

He Feels That You Are Rushing Things

When a man feels that you are moving very fast and he still needs time to think about himself, his career and other things then he may be afraid of commitment.

If his anxiety level increases and he sees that you are pushing him too much to take a decision, then he is going to stop until he feels at ease.

Sometimes too much of pressure can result in him cutting off totally and therefore it is best advisable to not create too much pressure on him

Bottom Line – Why Men Are Afraid Of Commitment

As explained in this article, there are several things that can stop him from moving to the next level. However the fear he has can be overcome by spending some time and building the trust required for getting commitment.

A relationship has several stages and both partners need to be in sync at all the stages for things to move to the final stage. All this requires time and would only happen slowly.

When he trusts you fully and sees the great chemistry between the two of you, then he will make the decision on his own to take things to the next level.

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