5 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Text Back


Have you gone through the experience of staying awake all night expecting him to text you back? Are you still wondering why he doesn’t text back even after saying that he would do so?

Do you think that he is not serious about you and he is taking you for granted and does not see you as a worthwhile woman to reply back?

If you are having a tough time with a guy, especially the times when the guy doesn’t text back after promising to do so, then you are not the only one having such a problem.

There are thousands of women experiencing the problem of boyfriend not texting back.

why he doesn’t text back

I know that women find it extremely frustrating and fail to understand why men do not reply back to their messages.

However, before you draw any conclusions or take some drastic steps, it is important to understand the common reasons why he does not text back. Here are some of the top reasons for this kind of behavior:

He Is Busy:

It is possible that he is busy with some office work or some other urgent problem at home that needs to be attended on propriety basis and that’s why he doesn’t text back.

He may be attending an important meeting at work or may be creating an important report that needs to be completed before the end of work hours.

It can also be that someone at home has been hospitalized and he is attending to them at hospital and that’s why he is not texting you back.

If he is a person who likes other sports and hobbies then it is possible that he is busy with some hobby and will respond back with a message once he is free.

In some situations he may not have a phone near him and that could be the reason for your boyfriend not texting back. For example if he is inside a swimming pool then chances are that he wont be having a mobile phone with him.

To be fair to him, you need to give him a chance to explain as to why he did not revert with a message. There is no point in making conclusions without hearing to his point of view.

He Feels The Girl Is Being Needy:

The word neediness or needy is mentioned a lot of times, however there aren’t many clear explanations about what is actually being “needy”.

Neediness is a actually mindset where a girl wants you to act in a certain way or be in a certain way or say things in a specific way or do things in a specific way.

And when the guy does not act in a certain way or does not do things in a certain way then the girl feels unhappy. And the girl may show the unhappiness with a strong negative reaction.

So, if a guy feels that the girl is showing a needy mindset then he may stop responding to text messages.

Having preferences and communicating things in a clear manner is essential for any relationship.

However when a guy feels that you have demonstrated the needy behavior many times then me may decide to take the harsh step of ignoring you and your text messages.

He Wants You to Miss Him More:

Sometimes a guy may just want to make you miss him more and to do this he doesn’t text back for several hours or perhaps even for a full day.

This may be a subtle way for him to find out if you really love him and care for him.

Best thing is to stay calm and not to overreact too soon.

wait and be patient

Maybe you can send him a new message saying that you miss him a lot. The moment you send this message, you may soon get a reply back from him.

He Does Not Want to Talk to You:

If you and your boyfriend fought over something the previous day and both of you are angry with each other then it is possible that he does not want to talk to you.

The best way to deal with this situation is to wait for his anger to subside and see if he sends you a reply.

Otherwise it may be worthwhile to call him up, sort out things with him. And if need be, pacify him.

He is No Longer Interested in You:

Another reason your guy doesn’t text back could be that he is not really interested in you anymore. If he is not texting you back even after you send him several messages then probably he is not interested, but does not have the heart to tell you his feelings.

The best thing to do would be to send him one final message about how you feel and see if he responds back. If your boyfriend is not texting back even after the final message then you should move on with other things.

no longer interested in you

Bottom-line: Why He Doesn’t Text Back

If he doesn’t text back for some reason then there is no point in you chasing him. If you have other plans then pursue them rather than waiting for him.

If you are easily available to the guy always, then he would expect that you will be available whenever he contacts you again.

So, even if the guy didn’t text back previously, he knows that you will be easily available whenever required.

If your availability is limited, then he will make the effort to reach you. The more effort and time he puts in reaching you, more invested he will be with you.

When a guy finds out that you have your own life, your own options and your life does not revolve around him then he is bound to like you and adore you for being independent and not needy.

make him commit

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