17 Psychological Signs Someone Likes You


It is possible that you met a guy and instantly liked him. However you are not sure about what he feels about you. Now you may be wondering if there are ways to find out if he likes you.

A lot of women go through this problem in relationships. However the good news is that you can solve this problem by paying a bit of attention.

You can easily identify the psychological signs someone likes you.

I’m going to list down some of these signs so that it becomes easy the next time you meet a man you like.

Multiple Glances In A Couple Of Minutes

When a person glances at you the first time it can be anything. The second time he glances at you then it means that he is curious about you.

If he glances at you more than two times then it means that he is attracted to you and does not want to miss the opportunity to get close to you or even talk to you.

If he is a bold guy then he may come close to you and tell you his feeling about you. He may do this so that he does not regret at a missed opportunity.

If you also like the guy then you should talk to him and take the conversation forward. However, there is no need to get intimate too soon.

Dilated Pupils

When someone sees you and is psychologically attracted to you then their pupil will physiologically increase in size up to three times.

dilated pupils

This happens so that they can see you better. This happens unconsciously and the guy may not even realize it.

You may not be able to notice the dilated pupils from a distance.

However you can get close to him and offer him something or maybe ask a question.

When asking a question, pay close attention to his pupils before and after he looks at you. You will have to notice the change and not just the size of the pupil.

So if you notice that the guy is looking at you with wide open eyes then it is a sign that he likes you.

Accidentally Touches You

If he accidentally touches you then it has a huge psychological value. You will easily come to know that the touch was accidental and not done purposely.

The accidental touch means that he is attracted to you and wants to be close to you.

Now just to confirm things, if you touch him back and he is not upset about it then it is a sure sign of attraction.

touches you

Men who are not very good at verbally expressing their feelings may touch the girl they like and thereby send an attraction signal.

This playful and casual touch creates tension and physical connection.

There is subconscious communication that happens with the touch.

This communicates that they are interested in a relationship and not just being friends.

Selects Words Carefully

What we speak can have a huge role in how others perceive us. Therefore one of the proven psychological signs that someone likes you is the filtering of the words when they speak to you.

A person may be really impulsive during normal conversations and blurt out word after word without thinking twice.

However, the same person will be very selective and he will carefully select the words he utters in front of you.

This happens because he does not want to speak something that may hurt you and offend you.

He may be afraid of rejection and therefore is very selective while speaking to you.

Any abusive utterance can easily jeopardize his chances of impressing you.

Of course, once he has impressed you then he may not be that very selective.

Feet Or Torso Pointed Towards You In Conversation

They say that the feet point where the heart wants to go. And in social interactions, feet play an important role.

If during a conversation, his feet and torso are pointed towards you then it is a clear sign of attraction.

This positioning of the feet and torso happens unconsciously and may be difficult to consciously duplicate.

If you are standing as a group of five or six people and his feet point specifically towards you then it is a huge indication of attraction.

He Gets Nervous Around You

You may have noticed many times that two people who are attracted to each other feel nervous and awkward.

Even in your middle school you may have noticed that familiar awkwardness between two people who were attracted to each other.

The nervousness comes because of the attraction between them, they don’t know what to say and they don’t want to spoil the chances of a future together.

The guy may want to act very normally but your presence may make him nervous and behave awkwardly.

Strong Eye Contact

If a person looks at you and makes eye contact with you without breaking it then it means they really like you.

Sometimes making eye contact with you may be difficult because others may be around.

strong eye contact

However, he will still make eye contact without getting distracted by others. This clearly means that is attracted to you.

In some situations you may feel awkward that he is making eye contact with you, however for him looking at you is the dream of his life and he won’t be ashamed of it.

Many research studies have indicated that eye contact is a sure sign of attraction between two people.

They Cultivate Friendship First

One of the strong psychological signs someone likes you is the friendly behavior. By being friendly they come to know you better. This also gives you an opportunity to know the other person better.

Once they understand you and find out what makes you feel good, they will slowly develop a relationship with you.

This process gives the necessary time to the couple to know each other well and decide the future course of action.


After being friends initially, you will see that he will go out of the way do things that you like and this is a clear sign that he really likes you and wants to take the relationship to the next level.

Sticks Around You In Public Places

If he is really attracted to you then you will see that he will try to be there at places that you go.

He may want to be with you while shopping or the table in the lunchroom.

If you are working then he may frequently visit you at your workplace. He may come to pick you up from workplace in the evening.

The more he likes you, the more time he may want to spend with you.

He may even feel jealous if you try to be friendly with some other guy when he is around.

He will try to impress you and do anything so that you start liking him.

Shows His Front Teeth When Smiling

A normal guy would not smile by showing his from teeth after the age of five.

However if a guy is really happy then you may see that he laughs and smiles by showing his front teeth.

Front Teeth When Smiling

If you see him smiling whenever he sees you then it is a sure psychological sign that he likes you.

The important thing here is that his smile is focused on you only and not with other girls.

This kind of smiling happens when he really likes you and is happy dating you.

This smile sends a clear sign that he is enjoying your company and wants to have a relationship with you.

If there is a match of feelings on both sides then there is chance of a long standing relationship.

They Sit Side By Side With You

Whenever possible, he will try and sit next to you. There may be a comfortable bean bag for him to sit but he will squeeze himself next to you.

If you go to a restaurant, he will sit next to you, even if there is a chair across you to sit.

Even at other social gatherings he will try and find a place to sit next to you.

sit side by side

By sitting next to you, there is a subconscious communication that signals that he is in the same team as you.

They Will Not Rush Things

A person looking to impress you and win your heart is not going to rush things.

A strong bonding cannot develop overnight. Acting in the heat due to biological urge can become problematic and prevent rational decision making.

By going slow you will get to know each other. This will allow you to see if both of you laugh at the same jokes, or both of have similar interests, or If the two of you can grow older together.

Going slow allows both parties to appreciate each other before committing. Always remember that a relationship is not a competition against time.

They Follow Through

According to expert psychologists, if a person takes extra steps to follow through then they really value the relationship.

For example, if the guy you are seeing takes extra measures to call you when he said he will call you then it is a clear signal that the relationship means something to him.

Similarly, in the initial stages of the relationship you will see him go to great lengths to follow up on promises. This happens because he wants to build the trust with you.

Leans Toward You

If you are in a group and he is leaning towards you then he is indicating that he is interested in you. This is a non-verbal way of indicating attraction.

According to experts, leaning towards someone will subconsciously pull them in your direction.

If you like a guy and you see him leaning towards you, then it is a sure psychological sign someone likes you.

Mirroring You

Do you see him mimicking your body movements to make you believe that he is on the same wavelength as you? This means he is feeling attracted to you.

Mirroring is a psychological tactic that has been in use for a long time now. However this needs to be done correctly to produce the desired results.


If he is really attracted to you then you will see him doing the mirroring perfectly without appearing creepy.

If you are still not clear about what I’m talking then let me explain it in more simple words.

This basically means that the guy stays in tune with your actions.

For example, if you go out for dinner, and you take a sip of your drink, he will also take a sip of his drink.

If you lean towards him to share a joke then he will also lean towards you to hear it better.

These are sure psychological signs that someone likes you romantically from his heart.

They Display Warmth

According to psychologist, if someone is warm and friendly then that person can be trusted.

So if he takes you out for a cup of warm coffee then surely there are positive feelings associated with it.

display warmth

A warm cup of coffee allows him to engage in a good conversation and see if you are interested or not.

If it’s the first date then a good conversation with interest from both sides can lead to a future date.

Most importantly, coffee dates can happen anytime during the day. You can go for a cup of coffee before work, during lunch break or after work.

They Ask You Question

In a busy world people have so many things to do and therefore you won’t see a person asking you lots of question unless they have a vested interest.

So, if you find him asking you a lot of questions and listening to your answers with patience then it is a telltale sign that he likes you and is interested in you.

If a person keeps quiet then it means that he is not all that interested.

If he likes you then he may not be satisfied being an acquaintance or a friend. These are signs someone likes you more than a friend.

He will try to deepen the relationship by asking personal questions.

These questions could be general questions about your interests and other hobbies or he may want to know if you had past relationships.

Use these tips on a regular basis and find out if the guy you are seeing is showing any of these psychological signs. If you notice multiple signs then it is a sure signal the he likes you.

make him commit

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